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Monday, November 13, 2017

English Quiz for IBPS Clerk & RBI Assistant Mains 2017 - 4 - Incoherent Sentences

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of English Quiz for IBPS Clerk & RBI Assistant Mains 2017. This is a set based on Incoherent Sentences.

Four sentences are given below a, b, c and d. Of these, three statements are in logical order and form a coherent paragraph/ passage. From the given options, choose the option that does not fit into the sequence.

1. (a) Michael Hoffman, a poet and translator, accepts this sorry fact without approval.
(c) He acknowledges too - in fact, he returns to the point often - the best translators of poetry always fail at some level.
(b) Poetry typically follows some type of pattern while prose does not follow any formal patterns of verse.
(d) In terms of the gap between worth and rewards, translators come somewhere near nurses and street cleaners.

2. (b) Reservation should not exceed 50% for the civil services for want of balance and efficiency.
(a) A common form of caste discrimination in India has been the practice of untouchability.
(c) The number of aspirants to the civil services in India is very large and they come from various socio-economic backgrounds.
(d) These aspirants come from both reserved and unreserved category.

3. (d) Almost a century ago, when the father of the modern automobile industry, Henry Ford, sold the first Model T car, he decided that only the best would do for his customers.
(a) In October 2012, Toyota announced a recall of 7.43 million vehicles worldwide to fix malfunctioning power window switches, the largest recall since that of Ford Motor Company in 1996.
(b) And for over 90 years, this philosophy has endured in the Ford Motor company.
(c) Thus a vehicle is ready for the customers only, if it passes the Ford 'Zero Defect Programme'.

4. (a) Because, if the manager's subordinates are inefficient and ineffective and are not helped to increase their efficiency and effectiveness, the task may not be achieved.
(b) This must be just as true as the responsibility for achieving his prescribed tasks.
(c) Dealing with employees who don't respect you or your authority can eventually make your job unbearable.
(d) It is often and that one of the prime responsibilities of a manager is the training and development of his staff.

5. (b) Over the last decade, Australia and India have set up Test cricket's most absorbing rivalry.
(d) Every champion needs a counterpoint; legacies, defined referentially, draw from the dynamic between world-beater and contender.
(c) It was tough but India outperformed most of the teams in all three departments of the game in the last two years.
(a) India, thanks to its natural style of calm aggressive cricket, its distinctive ability to play at the level of the opposition, and the confluence of some of the finest cricketers in the contemporary game, fulfilled this role of contender.

6. (c) Early in August, as his jeep wound its way through the piles of burning tires that angry protestors had used to barricade the road from Srinagar airport into the city, former Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah, turned to a journalist sitting next to him with a smile on his face.
(b) "So," he said, "Are you here to write another article about how I don't know how to run a government?"
(a) More likely than not, Dr. Abdullah's leadership – or that of Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President, his son Omar Abdullah - will soon be put to the test.
(d) The three time chief minister of Jammu & Kashmir asserted that only dialogue can bring peace in the valley.

7. (a) A nation has gone against its historical record.
(d) The single undeniable aspect of Obama's legacy is that he demonstrated that a black man can become president of the United States.
(b) Risen above its worst prejudices in one, emotional incandescent moment.
(c) Well, at least partly, and for a while Americans have voted in larger numbers than they have in decades, perhaps ever.

8. (d) This is the time of the year when people go out and shop for their winter wear.
(b) But it seems economic recession has hit the fashion industry as well.
(a) We haven't seen exclusive fashion shows from big designers this winter.
(c) Winters for the past two years have been among the warmest, during December to March, in north India that heavily impacted sales of winter clothing by almost 30%.

9. (b) After all, a story told on the large screen inevitably differs from that told on the small screen.
(c) This critical difference has an impact on viewership in terms of age, income and occupation.
(a) In this, the age of multimedia, we have to train ourselves to understand that as a rule, the medium is the message.
(d) In any play you've got to know what's going on around you so you can hear your cue to give a line or move in the scene.

10. (d) The size of the carbon footprint of nations in the developing world has again come in for serious international discussion.
(c) The failed mission of Copenhagen is the immediate cause of the resumption of this debate.
(b) While the main triggers of the debate are economic, social and cultural factors also have a major role to play.
(a) There are both natural and human sources of carbon dioxide emissions.

Answers & Explanations:
1. (b) 'The difference between prose and poetry' has no mention in other sentences; hence, b is an odd sentence.
2. (a) Sentence a does not match with the core issue of the paragraph, so, excluded.
3. (a) The statement a seems to be unfit into the paragraph; so, excluded.
4. (c) Sentence c does not match with the paragraph; hence, excluded.
5. (c) Statement c does not seem to belong to the paragraph.
6. (d) Statement d is not the part of the conversation between the chief minister and reporter.
7. (d) The statement which talks of Obama's legacy does not seem to be the part of the paragraph.
8. (c) Statement c talks of the winter season and not winter wear; hence, odd sentence.
9. (d) Statement d does not match with other three sentences and is excluded.

10. (a) Sentence a talks of the sources of carbon dioxide emissions which does not fit into the paragraph.



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