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Thursday, September 14, 2017

SBI PO 2017 - Interview/GE Experience - Aarushi

Hello and welcome to exampundit.  Here is an SBI PO Interview Experience shared by Aarushi.

Panel 1
Venue: Lucknow
Our document verification was smooth and fast. The officers were really helpful. I mistakenly put my thumb impression in front of others name but they handled the situation pretty well. They chatted about my current job while doing the verification. Soon after that we were sent to the meeting/conference hall. There were 10 members in our group.
The 2 panel heads arrived and introduced themselves and then they asked for our introduction without mentioning the educational qualification. Then we were thoroughly explained the whole process.
Our Group Discussion topic was - Is social networking good for Indian society?
We were given 5 minutes to write down our points and then the discussion started. Our discussion was very lively and healthy, as mentioned by the panel heads. All of us spoke in favour. I initiated the discussion as well as concluded it and also got a chance to speak several times in between.
Then after 5 minutes the prioritization exercise started. We were given 8 human values and we had to put them in order of prioritization according to individuals and group consensus. The values were:-
  1. Flexibility
  2. Honesty
  3. Truthfulness
  4. Adjusting
  5. Adaptability
  6. Openness
  7. Integrity
  8. Caring
Our group didn’t reach any consensus but we again had a really healthy discussion and the panel was please. After finishing the exercise, the panel members even requested to keep the discussion going on for a few more minutes. Although the markings were done within the time frame.


Then we were sent for our personal interviews. I was the fourth one to go inside. The setup was like our drawing room and the panel members (4 males 1 female) we sitting in from of my seat. They asked me questions one by one.
Q: So, you completed your post-graduation in?
A: Sir 2017. (pause) No sir, I am sorry. Its 2015.
Q: And currently you are working in a bank?
A: Yes sir I have been posted in Punjab National Bank.
Q: Since?
A: Sir I joined on 5th of September.
Q: But here it is written 21st August.
A: Sir, We had a training session before we were sent to our respective branches.
Q: Where are you posted?
A: Harraiya, Basti.
Q: So, what have you learned till now in the bank?
A: Sir, I didn’t work a lot in the branch because my father had to undergo an operation and I also had this interview. So, I am on leave. I will be joining on 15th September properly.
Q: So, You want to come to SBI. What do you know about SBI?
A: Sir, SBI is the largest public sector bank of our country with the largest customer base
Q: (interrupted) And what about customer service?
A: Sir, it has the best customer service across the country.
Q: What role does bank play in an economy?
A: It plays the most important role in the economy. According to me it is bridge between the government and the public. If the government has to reward the public for something, it will be done through banks and if the public needs some financial assistance it will knock the bank’s door.
Q: You know our PM? How does he connect with the public through banks?
A: Through various schemes sir. Like jan dhan yojna, and krishi kalyan yojna…
Q: And what do you know about demonetisation?
A: Demonetisation was one move to scoop out the black money and fake currency out of the economic system.
Q: So, what role did the banks play in it?
A: (I hesitated a little) The banks helped change the old currency of the public…and also eliminate the fake currency.
Q: Just like that? You go in a bank and change the fake currency? (He joked)
A: No sir, the fake currency was identified by the banks not changed.
Q: So, you have done Arushi. Tell me what contingent liability is.
A: Sir, contingent liability is something that may or may not occur in the future.
Q: Where does it appear in the balance sheet?
A: It is not shown in the balance sheet. It is shown as a footnote.
Q: So how long was your training at PNB?
A: 12 days sir.
Q: Were you taught about cheques?
A: Yes sir, it is a negotiable instrument drawn upon someone who has to pay a certain sum of money to someone else.
Q: How many parties are involved?
A: Two parties, drawer and drawee.
Q: What if you sign me a cheque and I went to a bank and they told me there is no money in the account?
A: Sir, the cheque will dishonour.
Q: Then what action should I take on you?
A: (I fumbled here) Sir, may be you will contact me and ask me what happened…
Q: Should I not take a legal action?
A: Yes sir, but not immediately I think. (He smiled, actually laughed a bit)
Q: I will take action according to Negotiable instruments act…(and he explained a little bit about it which I don’t remember anymore :P)
Q: What is a scheduled bank?
(I was not able to frame a sentence)
Q: What if you have to open a bank? What will you do?
A: I am sorry sir. I cannot recall anything about this.
Q: Who governs the banks? Which body?
A: Sir, the central bank…
Q: yes, which bank?
A: Reserve bank of India.
Q: So, you will have to register yourself under the RBI act. Court me jaa k thodi bank kholte hain. (He joked)
Q: So, Arushi you did your post-graduation in 2015 and you got a job in 2017. What did you do for these two years?
A: Ma’am I prepared for banking exams and also cracked many. Also I gave time to my writing. I started my blog. And I also assisted my mother in her school projects. She is a government teacher and I am a pass out from her school so I used to assist her in her school projects of photography and videography.
Q: What are some of your strengths because of which we should select you?
A: Ma’am I am a very positive person and I like to maintain a positive environment where I am working. It helps everyone including me to coordinate well and work more efficiently. Also, I don’t give up easily on any task. It sometimes turns out to be a weakness for me too because if any task is given to me I take it on my ego sometimes and I tell myself that I had to complete it at any cost.
Q: Okay Arushi, you may go now.
A: Thank you ma’am. Thank you sir.

Now, Fingers crossed for my final results!



Team ExamPundit

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