SSC CGL 2017 Last Minute Tips

SSC CGL 2017 is around the corner. The Preliminary Exam of SSC CGL 2017 is scheduled from 5th August 2017 to 24th August 2017. 2 days are left in the commencement of exam. It is necessary to maintain the right mindset before the examination. We hope that you have prepared well for SSC CGL 2017 Exam. These last 2 days are really crucial for every aspirant as it will decide whether you will scale the exam or taste the bitter potion of rejection. Here are few last minute tips that every candidate must follow in order to nail SSC CGL 2017 Exam.

Go through Exam Pattern for SSC CGL 2017
It is necessary to go through the exam pattern of SSC CGL 2017 exam as it will help you to divide time while solving the paper. Spending less time on a single question will not only save you time for difficult ones but will also boost up your morale in the entire paper.

SSC CGL 2017 Preliminary Exam Pattern

Know Section-Wise Analysis of Previous Year SSC CGL Preliminary Exam

To get maximum marks in upcoming SSC CGL 2017 Preliminary exam, it is necessary to know the exam analysis of previous year SSC CGL paper. Knowing the Section-Wise Analysis will give you a fair idea about the sections that can be tricky and the topics from which the maximum questions can be asked. In these last 3 days, you can go through those selected topics and can build a stronger concept.

Let’s have a look at the last years’ Section-Wise Analysis of SSC CGL Exam:

Apart from these sectional analysis, we also saw certain topics from each section which held the maximum weightage as well as least weightage. Let’s have a look at topic wise-analysis of all the four sections asked in SSC CGL Preliminary exam 2016.

Note: The numbers mentioned on the chart are the number of questions asked from that topic.

Remember, revision is the integral part of your preparation. You need to revise your concepts for the last time to avoid any discrepancy on Exam day. Revise all the important concepts and formulas. Make sure that you go through all the difficult questions that hold a chance to appear in the SSC CGL 2017 Preliminary Exam.

Be comfortable with Online Mode

You might already have given plenty SSC CGL Mock Test Series while preparing for SSC CGL 2017 Exam. It is very necessary that you acquaint yourself with the Online Mode of Examination so that you do not face any problem while attempting your questions during Exam. Get used to with the interface features such as ‘Tag’, ‘Detag’, ‘Erase’, ‘Submit your test’ etc. Attempt SSC CGL Mock Test Series one last time to get comfortable with the Online Mode of Examination.

Devise a Strategy to attempt Questions

It is necessary for every candidate to devise a strategy to attempt each question in SSC CGL 2017 Exam so that they do not miss on any question. You know your strength and weakness. Attempt a section first in which you are really good at. This will boost up your morale and will help your brain work faster. Do not spend a lot of time on one question. Remember, you have to complete a set of 100 questions in a time frame of 60 minutes.

Do not forget about the Negative Marking

DO NOT FORGET that SSC CGL 2017 has NEGATIVE MARKING of 0.5 for every question attempted wrong by a candidate. Remember there is no sectional cut-off, so you can target the section which is easy and in which you are really proficient to avoid the chances of getting a question wrong.

Relax your Brain and Mind

It is really necessary to relax your mind and body before the commencement of Exam. Hyperventilating about the exam date can cause an adverse effect on your score. Take proper sleep and eat proper food to relax your mind before examination.

Don't Forget to Take the SSC CGL 2017 TIER II MOCK TEST SERIES

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