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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Number of Vacancies or Difficulty Level - Which is more important?

Hello and welcome to exampunditThere have numerous notifications in the last few weeks and there will be more in the coming months. Those which had good number of vacancies, were praised and those which had lesser, were highly criticized. Few days ago we asked in our Ask The Mentor page what is more important Vacancy or Level of Exam? The answers were amazing. Some said, Vacancies, some claimed None. That showed the confidence among our aspirants that they are ready to face any difficulty.

We decided to write for all of you about What is more important, Number of Vacancies or the Difficulty of an exam?

Lets get started!


The Question

Does it really matter? Because you only need one vacancy for yourself. Although number of vacancies does play a small role deciding the cut-off but that does not stop someone from getting a job.

This year, IBPS reduced the number of vacancies drastically. But that should never be an obstacle for an aspirant. Remember the time IBPS had 20000+ vacancies with not so hard questions? Did it really matter? Higher Vacancies with easy questions made IBPS change the difficulty level, add prelims. Things got tougher for the future aspirants. Even with 20000+ vacancies IBPS had to cut-off a large number of aspirants.

When it comes to the difficulty level of any exam, one can take sufficient time and excel in anything. You don’t need to panic about the difficulty level. Ever. Aspirant X can take 3 weeks to learn new pattern input-output while Aspirant Y may take 5 weeks to do the same. But that does not mean anyone of them is bad or good.

Difficulty level can fluctuate, can change overnight but will never decide your fate.



You never know which notification is meant for you if you dream is “a govt. job”. You are planning about OICL AO but may be IBPS PO is meant for you. You are targeting IBPS PO but may be SBI PO is there for you. The more you panic, the less confident you become.

It does not matter how hard the exam is or how many vacancies are there. The most important thing is your confidence. The more you practice, the more you learn.

The number of vacancies, difficulty level, everything fades away when you perform extremely well in the examination hall. Only your performance can decide your fate. Nothing else.

Prepare, learn, fail but don’t give up. At the end of the day, whenever you are going for an examination, just give your best.



Team ExamPundit

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