Reasoning Quiz for Upcoming IBPS Exams - Set 11 | Critical Reasoning

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Critical Reasoning Quiz for Upcoming IBPS Bank Exams. The following set of questions are moderate prelims level.

DIRECTIONS (Q. 1-3) : Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.

Any further increase in the population level in the city by way of industrial effluents and automobile exhaustions would pose a severe threat to the inhabitants.

(A) All the factories in the city should immediately be closed down.
(B) The automobiles should not be allowed to ply on the road for more than four hours a day.
(C) The government should restrict the issue of fresh licences to factories and automobiles.
(D) Cancer, heart attacks, brain strokes, tuberculosis are the major disease which are rapidly increasing in industrial cities.
(E) All types of pollutants are very harmful for health.
(F) Excessive growth of industries has increased the pollution level in the city.

1. Which of the following among (A), (B), (C) and (D) can be an immediate course of action for the Government?
(a) Only (A) (b) Only (B)
(c) Only (C) (d) Only (D)
(e) All of these

2. Which of the following among (A), (B), (C) and (D) can not be an immediate course of action for the government?
(a) Only (A) (b) Only (B)
(c) Both (A) and (B) (d) Only (D)
(e) None of these

3. Which of the following (A), (B), (D) and (E) may be the effect of increment in the pollution level in the city?
(a) Only (A) (b) Only (B)
(c) Only (D) (d) Only (E)
(e) None of these


DIRECTIONS (Qs. 4-6) : Read the following information carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Ruling governments in the west are being punished by the voters for ever rising unemployment rates. Their parliament is abuzz with campaigns, marked by criticism of India as an outsourcing hub. India is seen by many in the west as a land of call centres and back offices with cheap labour that cost people in the west, their jobs.

4. Which of the following statements would weaken the argument given in the passage ?
(a) Outsourced jobs do not require highly skilled and qualified employees.
(b) Nearly 34% of the unemployed people would secure jobs in the west if outsourced jobs were in sourced by their organisations
(c) After suffering heavy losses in the elections the governments in the west are expected to change their decision on outsourcing to India.
(d) Outsourcing, a dynamic, two-way relationship has created jobs and growth in India as well as the west.
(e) Although outsourcing to India allowed many companies in west to focus on their core operations, they heavily compromised the quality and the standards of their back office jobs.

5. Which of the following can be a possible repercussion of the opposition to outsourcing in the west ?
(a) Jobs which are currently outsourced to India would be transferred to another country which in all probability would be China.
(b) Call centres and back offices employees in India would expect a salary at par with their western counterparts.
(c) In-sourcing of jobs by the west would render thousands of Indians unemployed.
(d) If in-sourced in the west itself, the companies would not be able to employ professionals and experts of same quality as available in India.
(e) The western companies which earlier outsourced to India would benefit financially as offices would not have to be set overseas.

6. Which of the following can be inferred? (An inference is something which is not directly stated but can be inferred from the given facts)

(a) Unemployment in India is not as severe a problem as that in the west
(b) Employees working in the back offices and call centres in the west earn much more than their counterparts in India
(c) Developing countries such as China and India do not outsource their back office jobs at all to other countries
(d) Countries which do not outsource jobs do not face the problem of unemployment
(e) One of the main reasons for high unemployment rate in India is its clean of call centres and back offices which undertake outsourced work from the west


DIRECTIONS (Qs. 7-10) : In each question below is given a statement followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement.

Give answer
(a) If only assumption I is implicit
(b) If only assumption II is implicit
(c) If either I or II is implicit
(d) If neither I nor II is implicit
(e) If both I and II are implicit.

7. Statement: "You are hereby appointed as a programmer with a probation period of one year and your performance will be reviewed at the end of the period for confirmation." - A line in an appointment letter.
I. The performance of an individual generally is not known at the time of appointment offer.
II. Generally an individual tries to prove his worth in the probation period.

8. Statement: It is desirable to put the child in school at the age of 5 or so.
I. At that age the child reaches appropriate level of development and is ready to learn.
II. The schools do not admit children after six years of age.

9. Statement: "In order to bring punctuality in our office, we must provide conveyance allowance to our employees." - In charge of a company tells Personnel Manager.
I. Conveyance allowance will not help in bringing punctuality.
II. Discipline and reward should always go hand in hand.

10. Statement: Unemployment allowance should be given to all unemployed Indian youth above 18 years of age.
I. There are unemployed youth in India who needs monetary support.

II. The government has sufficient funds to provide allowance to all unemployed youth.


1. (c)
2. (a)
3. (c)
4. (e) Statement (e) weakens the argument in the passage because heavy compromise on quality and standards of their back office jobs. contradicts the argument.
5. (c) Outsourcing from the West would sender thousands of Indians unemployed.
6. (c) Statement (c) can be easily inferred from the facts given is passage.
7. (e) The performance of the individual has to be tested over a span of time as the statement mentions. So, I is implicit. The statement mentions that the individual's worth shall be reviewed (during probation period) before confirmation. So, II is also implicit.
8. (a) Since the statement talks of putting the child in school at the age of 5, it means that the child is mentally prepared for the same at this age. So, I is implicit. But nothing about admission after 6 years of age is mentioned in the statement. So, II is not implicit.
9. (b) Assumption I goes against the statement. So, it is not implicit. The allowance will serve as a reward to the employees and shall provoke them to come on time. So, II is implicit.
10. (a) I directly follows from the statement and so is implicit. Also, the statement is a suggestion and does not tell about a government policy or its position of funds. So, II is not implicit.



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