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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Reasoning Quiz for Upcoming IBPS Exams - Set 3 | Prelims - Puzzles

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Puzzles Quiz for Upcoming IBPS Bank Exams. The following set of questions are moderate Prelims Exam level.

Q. (1-5) Study the following information and answer the question.

Nine Bikers P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W and X sit in a row. Four of them face south and rest face north. T and U face in the opposite direction to that of W. W sits 4th to the right of Q, who faces south. U is the immediate neighbour of S and P. Neither W nor Q sit at any of the extreme ends of the line. Only two people sit between X and T. The one who sits in the middle does not face south. R and V sit 4th to the left of S and X respectively.  The immediate neighbor of T face in opposite direction to X. The people sitting at the extreme ends face in opposite direction.

Q.1 who sits between S and V?
(a) R
(b) P
(c) T
(d) Q
(e) None of these

Q.2 who are the immediate neighbours of W?
(a) V, T
(b) R, X
(c) V, R
(d) Cannot be determined.
(e) None of these

Q.3 who sits 2nd to the right of V?
(a) R
(b) Q
(c) S
(d) W
(e) None of these.

Q.4 who sit at the extreme end of the line?
(a) S, R
(b) T, Q
(c) S, P
(d) X, P
(e) None of these.      

Q.5 who sits second to the right of Q?
(a) R
(b) U
(c) T
(d) V
(e) None of these.

Q. (6-10) Read the information and answer the question below.

Seven couples live in a building, which has seven floors. The lowermost floor is numbered 1 and the topmost is numbered 7. Males – Lucky, Amit, Nick, Sam, Deep, Rex and Vick, and they married to Neha, Sima, Rosy, Bebo, Srishty, Simmy and Sweety, not necessarily in the same order. Nick lives on the topmost floor. Deep lives on the third floor with his wife Bebo. The number of floors between the floors on which Bebo and Neha live is same as the number of floors between the floors on which Sweety and Simmy live. Srishty lives immediately below Simmy. Sam is married to Rosy but they don’t live on a floor below that of Simmy. Lucky doesn’t live on the first floor. There are three floors between the floors on which Lucky and Sam live. Neha is not married to Amit or Vick. Rex doesn’t live on a floor below that of Amit and he doesn’t live on a floor above that of Vick.

Q.6 who is Sima’s Husband?
(a) Nick
(b) Lucky
(c) Rex
(d) Cannot be determined.
(e) None of these.                  

Q.7 which of the following pair is correctly matched?
(a) Sam – 5th floor
(b) Rex – Simmy
(c) Sristhy – 4th floor
(d) Lucky – Sweety
(e) None of these.

Q.8 who is married to Sweety?
(a) Lucky
(b) Nick
(c) Rex
(d) Amit
(e) None of these.

Q.9 Vick lives on which floor?
(a) 6th
(b) 4th
(c) 5th
(d) 3rd
(e) None of these

Q.10 Amit is related to Bebo, Lucky is related to Srishty. Then in the same way, who is related to Neha?
(a) Sam
(b) Vick
(c) Rex
(d) Nick
(e) None of these


  1. D
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. C
  6. B
  7. C
  8. D
  9. C
  10. B





Team ExamPundit

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