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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for Upcoming IBPS Exams - Set 10 | Profit & Loss Problems

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Quantitative Aptitude Quiz based on Profit & loss problems.

Q1. Riya buys milk at Rs 1.80 P per litre, mixes it with water and sells the mixture at the same price. How much water is added to each litre of milk if her profit is 10%?
a) 1/10 litre
b) 8/9 litre
c) 2/7 litre
d) 5/11 litre
e) Cannot be determined

Q2. On selling an a book at Rs 565, the gain is 20% more than the loss incurred on selling it at Rs 485. In order to gain 20%,the selling price will be how much?
a) Rs 600
b) Rs 522
c) Rs 783
d) Rs 147
e) none of these

Q3. The profit percentage of Radio and T.V is same on selling the products at Rs 1800 each but profit of Radio is calculated on its Selling Price by mistake while the profit of T.V is calculated correctly on its Cost Price which is 20%. What is the difference between the profits of both the products?
a) Rs 150
b) Rs 77
c) Rs 60
d) Rs 90
e) Rs 265

Q4. Laila invested Rs 45,000 to start a bakery business. After 4 months Kutan joins her by investing Rs 72,000 and another 2 months later Sejal joins them both by investing Rs 87,500. At the end of a year the bakery business earned a profit of Rs 21,880. Calculate Sejal’s share in the profit.
a) 5,800
b) 7,000
c) 9,000
d) 7,654
e) 11,500

Q5. Kim bought two candies, one at Rs 700 and other at Rs 1100. She sold both of them to Kendall at a price so that she earns a gain of 20%. Kendall sold one of them to Gigi at 30% gain and another to Bella at 20% loss. At what price did Bella buy the carpet?
a) Rs 1500
b) Rs 1477
c) Rs 650
d) Rs 823
e) Rs 1337

Q6. Rohit uses a weighing machine that shows a weight 15gm more than the actual. He sells rice and he sold different amounts to different consumers as per their needs. If Rohit sells a total of 35 kg of rice at its cost price, then how much profit Rohit would earn?
a) Rs 150
b) Rs 455
c) Rs 230
d) Rs 540
e) cannot be determined

Q7. Rahul bought a house in Gaur’s City whose sale price was  Rs 80 lacs. He availed 10% discount as an early bird offer and the 5% discount due to cash payment. After that, he spent 10% of the cost price in interior decoration and furniture of the house. At what price should he sell the house to earn a profit of 20%?
a) Rs 1 Crores
b) Rs 80,13,500
c) Rs 90,28,800
d) Rs 24,54,000
e) none

Q8. Jeevan marks up the prices of chocolates by 10% and he sold only 40% of those at this price. He sells half of the rest at 15% discount and the rest at 18% discount. What is the net profit of Jeevan?
a)Rs 100
b) Rs 24
c) Rs 43
d) Rs 16
e) Rs 20

Q9. Due to reduction of 20% in the price of apples a customer can purchase 6 kg apples more for Rs 240. What is the original price of an apple?
a) 40
b) 60
c) 22
d) 10
e) 15

Q10. Raman mixes 25% water to his milk and then he sells the whole mixture at the price of milk. If the cost price of water be 5% of the cost price of milk, what is the net profit % ?
a) 40%
b) 13%
c) 26%
d) 55%
e) 11%

Answers & Solutions:

1. A

2. B

3. C

4. B

5. E

6. E - Since neither the actual value nor the amounts of rice that was sold to the consumers are not given; we cannot determine the profit value of Rohit.

7. C

8. D

9. D

10. C



Team ExamPundit

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