Officer Scale I in RRB - Salary, Job Profile, Growth & Opportunities

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Our very own Aritra (Disqus ID: BlueSky) was selected as a Officer Scale I in Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank in West Bengal has shared a brief on the growth, salary & job profile of an Officers Scale I in RRB.

JOB PROFILE & RESPONSIBILITIES OF OFFICEROfficer Scale 1 is essentially a Management Trainee job. The new recruits are kept on a probation period for two years. On the successful completion of the Probation period, the Manager Trainee will be promoted to the Assistant Manager position. They need to work in various govt social schemes for the sake of the rural poor people. The job mainly limited to agriculture advances and dealing with rural populace, particularly small loans. As basically branches are small, we need to do all kinds of job like cash handling, passbook printing, various account opening, issuing of cheques, drafts, cheque clearing, judging borrowers & loan handling, recovery etc. As there is huge man shortage in RRBs, being an officer you need take responsibilities of every aspect of banking.

SALARY STRUCTURE: At present gross salaries in RRBs around 39k and in hand you will get around 37k after deducting pf and professional tax. It may vary from bank to bank as some banks provides fuel allowance which depends upon sponsor banks.


  1. Place of posting: In case of IBPS po you may get posted at any part of the country, but in case of RRBs you mainly get postings in rural areas of your state.
  2. Salary Difference: In case of  commercial banks you will get around ₹1500-2000 extra which varies from bank to bank due to different allowance and differences in HRA.
  3. Growth opportunities : As far as I know the chairman of an RRB is a scale V or VI rank officer of a PSB and hence growth is limited, whereas in PSB's the growth prospects and opportunities can keep you busy for your entire working career .Being a officer of RRB you can reach upto scale four as a Reigional Manager.
  4. Diversity of work : As I have already mentioned work range in RRBs  mainly limited to Agricultural loans and small priority sector advances where PSB's offer a wide range of work avenues: corporate loans, treasury, forex, managing HNI's etc. The range of services is the key here.

CONCLUSIONS:  It depends on your preference or career goals. If you give importance on career growth and salary go for Commercial banks. On the other hand if you wish to remain in your home state, limited career growth and less perquisites in comparison to that in commercial banks you can opt for RRBs. But I would like to add the job of RRB is also very interesting as you will get chance to serve the local populace. Though in RRBs you all not find exposers like PSBs but you will feel  a job satisfaction after serving poor rural people. Now you have to take the final decision.

                                                     Thank You Friends.

Aritra (Officer Scale I at Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank)



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