Motivational Monday - Episode 5 - Dedicated to Exampundit

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is the Motivational Monday episode 5 shared by our own, Aarushi Mathur.

The road to success is not easy.
It never was. It never will be.
It’s a bumpy road, with a tons of load.
And the pressure of expectations,
Often toddles our determination.
But it is our passion for goals,
That doesn’t let the devotion dull.
And the inspiration from you all,
Makes the confusion null.

Reasoning puzzles are puzzling the mind?
Fyter and Abhinav to the rescue.
Answer to a DI hard to find?
Optimus Prime will solve the issue.
The X and Y have started to haunt?
Arita dada will create a bond.
Don’t worry if the day seems cheerless,
Bahubali is here to make you fearless.
Shusovan makes computer & GA easy like a cakewalk,
Vast syllabus, less time? Just go and talk!
Dheeraj is the speed master,
Knows how to solve problems faster.
There comes Ketan shining like a star,
Just eliminates all dilemma and gives you the power.
Sourav is here to boost up your confidence,
The anxiety of exam is away from your inheritance.
Saurabh plays with puzzles like an easy ball,
Nervousness left behind, only you enter the exam hall.
With Chitrarth you can have all assurance,
You can put to use all your perseverance.

Sonalin is our SSC master,
With her, you sure can hit it off like master blaster.
And for a piece of advice when your mind is in a hustle,
Ruchi comes your way to burst that bubble.
Discipline is an important trait for an aspirant,
To help you maintain it, Pallavi is brilliant.
The competition wants you to be a jack of all,
Nitu is the name you have to call.
Panic runs out of the window when The Winner knocks your door,
She has it all; wisdom, assistance, ardour and more.
The queen of patience is our Shalini,
With her, faith is huge and doubts are tiny.

The ultimate dependable with a heart full of love,
Nisha ji is the light to aid you to rise above.
She is the one to make you smile in toughest of times,
Kind and wise like a good old wine.

The king of hearts; the thread that binds us,
Who is always here to guide and mind us?
That one person that keeps us going,
Anubhab dada; you are the one behind so many successes,
You make sure that the goodness keeps flowing.

The most essential part are our contenders,
EP is all about you and the love that you send us.
Let’s celebrate the journey, keep the hard work on
Time will be of essence and success will ours,
With these kind and ever helpful souls,
Every day it seems we are near our goals.
The learning process is stress-less and nice,
This hard journey with you is all sugar and no spice.



Team ExamPundit