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Monday, July 17, 2017

Motivational Monday Episode 4 – STOP WASTING TIME

Hello and welcome to exampunditThe only thing that everyone has unlimited is time. Every person born on this earth comes with a gift called time and everyone has ample of it. Some manage to do wonders in the same given time and some are, well, just breathing. Its passing, every day, every minute, and every second, this time is slipping right out of our hands and we don’t even realize it. Time stands for the most ironical example of being the most important and precious gift and yet not valued as much.

After the end of this life, every person goes into the grave and the milestone above it specifies the time period spent on earth by that person. The small dash in between the two dates is actually your life, just that simple dash. It is totally up to you what that dash says about you. We can die anonymous and no one will remember us after we are gone or we can make the most of what we have and become immortal.

The most successful people are not granted with extra time or extra life. They have the same life and same time, sometimes even less than us and still accomplish some great things because they utilised their time smartly. Laziness was always envy of them because it could never touch them. Sleep was never a luxury they enjoyed, rather it was only a necessity that their body needed in order to function.

The thought that every second that the clock ticks off never comes back, should send shivers. And some days we don’t do anything at all. We spend 86000 seconds of our life just laying on bed or sleeping. The same seconds can be used to make difference in your life and in the world. But, it’s gone, just like that. Time is the only thing on this earth that cannot be recycled.

We all dream of becoming millionaires or becoming very famous or going places exploring the beauty of nature but all we do is think and want. How many of us actually plan and work towards it? Very less. And it is very easy to blame it on circumstances but then we should always remember that a newspaper distributor became the president of this country (honourable late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam) and a chai wala became the Prime Minister of our country (honourable Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi).

Our focus should be on producing more than consuming. We can do so much while the clock is ticking. Every hour, every minute, every second can make the change but we need to realise it first. Our effort should be in the direction of changing later to now, not never. The bridge between our dreams and our values can only be crossed by us and no one else. So, begin now! Without any delay because every moment you spend working on your dreams, you are actually getting closer to them and one day it will all pay off.

Success is not a destination you have to reach, it is a journey you have to complete. Make that journey substantial. Start now, this very moment and work tirelessly towards your dream and make your life worth it. Even god should be pleasantly forced to say that he did not waste one life by granting it to you.




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