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Monday, July 03, 2017

Motivational Monday – Episode 2 - FINDING FAITH

Hello and welcome to exampunditSo it’s Monday again and we are back with another dose of motivation. After the break of a week, energy in the aspirants has been reinstated, so we believe. And with the knock of recruitment notifications on our doors, it’s time to pull our socks up. 

But before we start our preparations, we need to find an inner belief that it is not beyond our power to grab a seat in the upcoming recruitment season. Yes, the belief is within you! You just need to search for it. Now, how will that happen? So here is a 3-point-plan which will help you to find a belief in yourself.

Firstly, shut out any negative voices around you. Be it your friends, neighbours, relatives or anyone else.

Secondly, say this line to yourself I will not give up. I know I can and I will.

Thirdly, keep repeating the second step until you believe it.

Once Mahatma Gandhi quoted, “Man becomes what he believes himself to be.” So if you believe that you will be employed, you will be and if you keep saying mujhse nahi hoga, to fir kabhi nahi hoga.

Sometimes it so happens, that we are fully prepared in terms of studies, we learned everything, mugged up the formulae, and revised all the tricks but when we reach in front of the exam hall, we are so nervous that we seem to forget everything. That is the lack of confidence that we need to get rid of. And no body, except you will be able to do that.


It's no doubt very often happens that everything seems to slip out of your hand and it feels like this struggle is never going to end. It is even understandable in this competitive world, where the number of aspirants and the level of difficulty is rising day by day. There are so many negative elements around us that will make us doubt on our ability. But at that moment, instead of believing on them, avoid them. They will be of no importance once you succeed. And the ones that are important will never demotivate you.

In fact, their doubts should be enough for you to be determined to prove them wrong. It should be a reminder to you that you cannot give up as yet. You dare not give up! The negative voice will not stop even when you succeed. You need to stop them from affecting you. Think it like this – It is their work to demotivate you and keep you from performing good and it is your work to prove them wrong. Now, the real competition is who will perform his duties better? That is you to decide.

Will you let the voices win? Will you let the negative overpower the positive in you? Will you let those voices hamper your preparation? The answer should be no, a big NO. That is the confidence needed to reach where you aspire to. This belief is what makes you stronger to face the challenges. This is the faith that will help you achieve your goals. And it is nowhere but inside you!

So with the faith that energy and confidence in you all has been re-established, it’s time to sign off with a promise to see you all again very soon!

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Team ExamPundit

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