SSC CGL 2017 - General Knowledge Quiz - Set 4

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1. Which of the following Mahatma Gandhi series of currency notes issued by the RBI has a drawing of the "Parliament House" depicted on it?
(A) Rs. 500
(B) Rs. 100
(C) Rs. 50
(D) Rs. 10

2. BCD is :
(A) Binary Coded Decimal
(B) Bit Coded Decimal
(C) Binary Coded Digit
(D) Bit Coded Digit

3. A vitamin requires cobalt for its activity. The vitamin is:
(A) Vitamin B12
(B) Vitamin D
(C) Vitamin B2
(D) Vitamin A

4. India's first repository on tigers will be set up in which of the following cities?
(A) Ranthambore
(B) Panna
(C) Dehradun
(D) Kanpur

5. Which one of the following is also called the 'Power Plant' of the cell?
(A) Lysosome
(B) Ribosome
(C) Mitochondrian
(D) Golgibody

6. The book "What Lies Between Us" has been authored by whom?
(A) Nayomi Munaweera
(B) Govind Pansare
(C) Kartar Lalvani
(D) Shobha De

7. In a rechargeable cell what kind of energy is stored within the cell?
(A) Electrical energy
(B) Potential energy
(C) Chemical energy
(D) Kinetic energy

8. What is composition of nitrolim in a chemical fertilizer?
(A) Nitrogen and Limestone
(B) Calcium carbide and Nitrogen
(C) Calcium carbide and Carbon
(D) None of the above

9. Which of the following is the most common motif of the Indus Seals?
(A) Unicorn
(B) Bull
(C) Fox
(D) Elephant

10. Rourkela Steel Plant was set up with the collaboration of which of the following country?
 (A) Russia
(B) Britain
(C) Japan
(D) Germany

11. Plasma membrane in eukaryotic cells is made up of:
(A) Phospho - Protein
(B) Phospholipo - Protein
(C) Lipo protein
(D) Phospholipid

12. Which among the following river is an example of superimposed drainage system in India?
(A) Ravee
(B) Narmada
(C) Ganga
(D) Chambal

13. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has recently signed pact with which IIT to develop technology to construct maintenance free highways in India?
(A) IIT-Bombay
(B) IIT-Madras
(C) IIT-Kharagpur
(D) IIT-Indore

14. The branch of agriculture which deals the feeding, shelter, health and breeding of the domestic animals is called:
(A) Dairy science
(B) Vaterinary science
(C) Poultry
(D) Animal husbandary

15. What is the reason for white cement to be white?
(A) It does not contain carbon
(B) It does not contain silicon
(C) It does not contain iron
(D) It does not contain calcium

16. Which of the following is considered the mainstay of growing population of India?
(A) Public sector
(B) Business
(C) Agriculture
(D) Manufacturing

17. Which of the following states is the only diamond producing state in India?
(A) Gujarat
(B) Karnataka
(C) Madhya Pradesh
(D) Chhattisgarh     

18. Which article of the Constitution abolishes "Untouchability"?
(A) Article 14
(B) Article 15
(C) Article 16
(D) Article 17

19. Which of the following alloy is used in making magnet?
(A) Magnalium
(B) Elnico
(C) Stainless steel
(D) Duralumin

20. Which of the following are financial committees of Parliament in India?
I. Public Accounts Committee
II. Estimates Committee
III. Committee on Public Undertakings
 (A) I and III
(B) I and II
(C) II and III
(D) I, II and III

Answers & Explanations

1. (C)

2. (A) BCD is a binary coded notation in which each of the decimal digits is expressed as a 8-bit binary numeral. For example in binary coded decimal notation 12 is 0001 0010 as opposite to 1100 in pure binary.

3. (A)

4. (C) India's first repository on tigers will be set up by the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) under its new Tiger Cell at Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

5. (C)

6. (A) The book "What Lies Between Us" has been authored by Nayomi Munaweera. It is a novel that sets out to explain one such crime and the possible causes behind it. It is the confession of a woman, driven by the demons of her past to commit a single and possibly unforgivable crime.

7. (C)

8. (B) Calcium Carbide when reacts with Nitrogen at high temperature, gives Nitrolim.

9. (A) The unicorn is the most common motif on Indus seals and appears to represent a mythical animal that Greek and Roman sources trace back to the Indian subcontinent.

10. (D) Rourkela steel plant is the first Integrated Steel plant in the public sector in India. It was setup with German collaboration.

11. (D)

12. (D) Chambal river is an example of superimposed drainage. A superimposed river does not adjust with the structure of its place of origin. First of all the river valley is built on upper part and then the river develops and expands such structure in the lower part.

13. (C) The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has recently signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with IIT-Kharagpur for research project to develop technology to construct long lasting maintenance free highways in India. IIT-Kharagpur will develop 'Paneled Cement Concrete Pavements' for highways. The duration of the research project is 3 years.

14. (D)

15. (C) White cement does not contain iron, hence it is white (as iron reacts with H2O of atmosphere and forms FeS, which is black in colour).

16. (C) Agriculture continues to play the primary role in the country's development and is still the mainstay to our large growing population for its sustained food security.

17. (C) Madhya Pradesh is the only Diamond producing state and is leading producer of copper concentrate, pyrophyllite and diaspore. State hosts country's 68% diaspore, 41% molybdenum ore, 46% pyrophyllite, 32% diamond, 29% copper ore, 17% rock phosphate, 16% each of manganese ore and fireclay and 11% ochre resources.

18. (D)

19. (B)

20. (D)

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