SSC CGL 2017 - General Knowledge Quiz - Set 3

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1. Which physician was sent by Bimbisara to treat Avanti King Pradyota?
 (A) Jivaka
(B) Udayin
(C) Kalashoka
(D) none of these

2. Bolometer is used to measure:
(A) Frequecny
(B) Temperature
(C) Velocity
(D) Wavelength

3. Which of the following best represents the hierarchy levels of biological classification?
(A) Phylum, kingdom, class, order, genus, species, family
(B) Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species
(C) Kingdom, phylum, family, class, order, genus, species
(D) Class, order, kingdom, phylum, family, genus, species

4. When a body is taken from earth to moon? 
(A) mass changes but weight remains same
(B) weight change but mass remains same
(C) both weight and mass change
(D) both weight and mass remain same

5. Which union ministry has launched Twitter Sewa for addressing the complaints of common man in the telecom and postal sectors?
(A) Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
(B) Ministry of Communications
(C) Ministry of Human Resource Development
(D) Ministry of Science and Technology

6. A motion moved by a member in a legislature when it is desired to have a discussion on a matter of urgent public importance is called?
(A) Adjournment motion
(B) No-confidence motion
(C) Cut motion
(D) None of these

7. Water is type of solution:
(A) liquid in liquid
(B) gas in gas
(C) liquid in gas
(D) none of these

8. Mathura, the famous city was the capital of which ancient Mahajanapada?
(A) Panchal
(B) Kasi
(C) Kuru
(D) Sursena

9. On which date, the International Migrants Day is observed?
(A) November 16th
(B) December 18th
(C) December 24th
(D) February 21st

10. No Government expenditure can be incurred in India except with the sanction of:
(A) The Parliament
(B) The Prime minister
(C) The President
(D) The Supreme court

11. The oldest eukaryotic organisms are considered to be:-
(A) Giardia
(B) archaea
(C) fungi
(D) animals

12. Which one of the following does not deal with export promotion?
(A) Trade Development Authority
(B) Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation
(C) Cooperative Marketing Societies
(D) State Trading Corporation of India

13. Consequent upon the recommendations of the working group on Rural Bank, five rural regional banks were initially set up in the
(A) 1973
(B) 1974
(C) 1975
(D) 1976

14. Gandhi considered Khadi as a symbol of:
(A) Industrialisation
(B) Economic independence
(C) Economic growth
(D) Moral purity

15. A person is hurt on kicking a stone due to:
(A) Inertia
(B) Velocity
(C) Reaction
(D) Momentum

16. "Sand in water" is an example of:
(A) organic compound
(B) inorganic compound
(C) homogeneous mixture
(D) heterogeneous mixture

17. MSI stands for
(A) Medium Scale Integrated Circuits
(B) Medium System Integrated Circuits
(C) Medium Scale Intelligent Circuit
(D) Medium System Intelligent Circuit

18. Kidney would have direct effect on which one of the following:
(A) blood pressure
(B) water excretion by a person
(C) salt level
(D) all of the above

19. Chemically Ruby and Blue sapphire are:
(A) Silicon dioxide
(B) Aluminium oxide
(C) Lead tetraoxide
(D) Boron nitride

20. The term of office of the member of the UPSC is:
(A) 3 years or till they attain 58 years of age
(B) 5 years or till they attain 60 years of Age
(C) 6 years or till they attain 65 years of age

(D) 5 years or till they attain 62 years of age

Answers & Explanations:

1. (A) The royal physician, Jivaka, was sent by Bimbisara to treat Avanti King Pradyota, who was ailing with Jaundice.

2. (B) Bolometer, instrument for measuring radiation by means of the rise in temperature of a blackened metal strip in one of the arms of a resistance bridge. In the first bolometer, invented by the American scientist Samuel P. Langley in 1880, a Wheatstone bridge was used along with a galvanometer that produced a deflection proportional to the intensity of radiation for small deflections.

3. (B) According to biological classification, first of all we see that the organism belongs to which kingdom and phylum, class, order, family, genus and then species.

4. (B)

5. (B) Manoj Sinha, Minister of State (Independent Charge) of the Ministry of Communications, has recently launched Twitter Sewa service to address the common man's complaints regarding telecom and postal services. The complaints will be lodge through Twitter handle "@manojsinhabjp". People can use 4 commands to escalate their complaints viz.#DoTSewa, #BSNLSewa, #MTNLSewa, #PostalSewa. The platform will also address the grievances that are raised against private players.

6. (A)

7. (D) Water is a compound while solutions are mixtures.

8. (D) Surasena Mathura, the famous city was the capital of Surasena Mahajanapadas.

9. (B) The International Migrants Day is observed annually on December 18th by the international community to recognize and celebrate the rights of migrants around the world.

10. (A)

11. (B) Archaea are prokaryotes. However, Archaea have characteristics of both prokaryotic and eukaryotic characters. Hence it seems to be the oldest eukaryotes or forerunners of eukaryotes.
12. (C)
13. (D)
14. (B)
15. (C)

16. (D) Sand in water has non-uniform composition that's why it is a heterogeneous mixture.

17. (A) After the invention of IC chips the development of computers plunged into next phase. Small Scale Integration and Medium Scale Integration (SSI and MSI) were used in third generation of computers and Large Scale Integration and Very Large Scale Integration (LSI and VLSI) are being used in fourth generation of computers. People are now expecting ULSI (Ultra Large Scale Integration) Circuits to be used for fifth generation computers.

18. (D) Kidney maintain blood pressure by releasing renin enzyme. · Kidney excrete excess water, urea, Salt from body by filtering them from blood and this waste excrete in form of urinal. · Excess salt is also removed by filtration.

19. (B) Blue sapphire and ruby are obtained from natural mineral “Corundum”. The chemical composition of corundum is “Aluminium oxide” Al2O3.

20. (C) Every member holds office for a term of six years or until he attains the age of sixty-five years, whichever is earlier. He can submit his resignation at any time to the President of India.

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