SBI PO Mains 2017: Types of Questions, Brief Review, Average Attempts

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is the Brief Review of SBI PO Mains 2017 along with the types of questions came and average attempts. Special thanks to Aarushi Mathur, V Pandey for providing the information on types of questions.


Reasoning - Difficult
4 questions from Inference
4 questions from statement and assumptions
3-4 questions from decision making
I have shared two figures based on which 5 questions each were asked
2 questions from blood relation
2 questions from directions
Rest were puzzles which I can't tell about as I didn't attempt any.

Input from V Pandey:
One puzzle in which 6 months and date 2 dates mentioned
Coding questions also did in which SACRED is coded as first 12 even number (which is multiple of 4 respectively

English - Difficult
5 questions from double fillers in double sentences.
5 questions from phrase replacement
5 question were to identify the summary of the sentence given in bold
5 questions were error detection
5 questions from re-writing the sentence without changing its meaning.
10 questions were from 2 reading comprehensions

GA was easy for those who read the EP magazine and I have already shared the major portion of questions

Quant - Very Difficult
3 DIs based on Partnership - Missing data, Time and Work - Line Graph, and Boat and Stream - Pie Chart
One question based on acute angle
One question based on the area of a parallelogram
Few questions were from Probability
Data sufficiency questions were based on various topics like probability, Partnership, Integers etc.

Descriptive Topics Asked in SBI PO Mains - Click Here

The average attempt has varied between 63-76.

EP’s Comment

Remember, Accuracy does matter and the Data Interpretation section has the worst feedback. So if you are wondering, what to do with your below average attempts, don’t worry! It does not matter if you have attempted 80 or 55 as long as your accuracy is high. Negative marking plays a big role in these exams. So keep calm and focus on your next target.

One thing, you should always pat your back since you have appeared in the most difficult and premium Bank Recruitment Exam. This experience, this adrenaline rush will help you do awesome in the coming days.

Its really, really difficult to predict the SBI PO Mains 2017 Cut-off because of many factors. Moreover, you have given your best. Even if the predicted cut-off is higher than your attempt, you cannot do anything now. So lets just focus & ace the upcoming exams.

Special message: Thank you for believing Exampundit’s General Awareness once again. This has motivated us throughout and we will give our 100% to provide you the best GA for upcoming exams.

 All the best!



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