RRB NTPC Aptitude Test Review

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is the short review for the RRB NTPC aptitude test shared by our reader Divs ( warrior of mithila).


This test was being held offline  till now, but for the first time it has been reformed to be online ( digital india effect)

This test contains 5 part.
1) intelligence information -35 questions-  easy- 10 min
2) adding odd digits numbers from give a combination of odd and even digits. - 30 ques- easy but bit time taking- 8 min
3) spatial scanning-40- easiest - 8 min
4)Information ordering- 25-moderate- 10min
5) personality test- 35-
easy- 12 min

No negative marking.

You have time to relax and read instructions before every part of exam. ( paani waani pine ka time)

Finally good experience.
Ignore grammatical mistake :(
have to drive back 90 km.

Divs ( warrior of mithila)

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Team ExamPundit