SBI PO Mains 2017: Puzzle Test - 18

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Puzzle for SBI PO Mains 2017.


There are 5 friends Anubhab, Bikram, Bala, Sam and John. They all have different salary, age and experience, such that you can give them ranks according to the information given below. One of the person belongs to the India’s city of dreams . Match the details-

The Salary of Bala is less than Anubhab but she is older than Bikram. Bikram is neither the lowest nor the highest in any category. The one with the lowest experience belongs to Odisha. Sam has the higher experience and John is the oldest man. The rank of Bala is below Anubhab in each category, but she is the best friend of Bikram. The salary and experience of Bikram is less than only one person. The one with the highest salary is from Hyderabad. Sam belongs to Kolkata. John has the lowest salary among all. The experience of John is greater than only one person. Bikram belongs to UK.

Q.1 Who among the following is belongs to Odisha?
a) Anubhab
b) Bala
c) John
d) can not be determined
e) None of these.

Q.2 Who has the third highest salary?
a) Bikram
b) Bala
c) Anubhab
d) Sam
e) can not be determined.

Q.3 Who is the second oldest among them ?
a) John
b) Anubhab
c) Bala
d) none of these
e) can not be determined.

Q.4 Which order of salary is correct?
a) Anubhab > Bala > Bikram
b) Bikram > Anubhab > Bala
c) Anubhab > Bikram > Bala
d) can not be determine
e) none of these

Q.5 Who has the third highest experience?
a) Bala
b) Anubhab
c) Bikram
d) John
e) can not be determined




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