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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

SBI PO Mains 2017: Data Interpretation Quiz - Set 2

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Data Interpretation Quiz for SBI PO Mains 2017.


A company manufactures six products-A, B, C,D,E and F. A part of each product is exported and the remaining units are sold inside the country. The table shows the units produced, the percentage of units exported. The ratio of sold and unsold units of the part of products sold inside the country along with the tax required to be paid by the company for respective products is mentioned in the table. Now answer the following questions as per the information provided.

1.What is the difference between the in-country tax paid by D and A?
a) Rs.8900
b) Rs.1300
c) Rs.8000
d) Rs.900
e) Rs.24676

2.Highest Tax on in country sold units is paid by which of the following:
a) A
b) F
c) D
d) C
e) A and C

3.If product E needs to pay 31 % tax on exported units. Find the total amount of tax paid by the company for product E in the whole year of 1990?
a) Rs.361890
b) Rs.784444
c) Rs.190988
d) Rs.67345
e) None of these

4.If the warehouse of the company stores only the in-country saleable unsold units of each product, then what is the relation between the current warehouse storage of product A and product C.
a) A is 27334 units larger than C
b) C’s storage is 2.14 % of A
c) C is 87.95 % less than A
d) Both a and b
e) Both b and c

5. If the government imposes an agricultural tax of 17% on the unsold units of the in-country saleable units of product D only, then the agricultural tax paid by the company for D is:
a) Rs.64243
b) Rs.23411
c) Rs.89788
d) Rs.90000
e) None of these


1. Answer-e

2. Answer-a
Thus A has highest tax

3. Answer-e
Total tax=tax on In-country sold units +  Tax on export units
= Rs.366750

4.  Answer-b
Unsold A stored in warehouse=763992x0.83x9/16=356688
Unsold C stored in warehouse=97367x0.59x2/5=7650
7650/356688  x 100 =2.14 %
Hence option b holds true

5. Ans-a
654372x0.63x(11/12)x0.17= Rs.64243



Team ExamPundit

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