SBI PO Mains 2017: Data Interpretation Quiz - Set 1

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Data Interpretation Quiz for SBI PO Mains.

A total of  3549237 athletes participated in an international marathon to be organized worldwide.

The pie chart shows the distribution of athletes from different states.

The table shows the ratio of athletes from rural and urban areas of the different places. It also shows the ratio of persons who live in pucca and kaccha houses in the rural areas.

The information on the percentage of graduates and the persons with computer literacy from different places is also denoted in the table.

Now keeping the data in view, solve the following questions.

1.Which place has the least number of graduates?
a) Agra
b) Noida
c) Pune
d) Thane
e) Goa

2.Which place has the least number of computer literates for the following places?
a) Agra
b) Noida
c) Pune
d) Goa
e) Agra and Noida

3.The number of rural persons living in rural pucca houses of Nagpur is what percent more or less than the number of urban persons from Nagpur?
a) 31 % more
b) 33 % less
c) 27.3% less
d) 67 % more
e) None of these


4.If 17% of graduates from Pune shift to Thane, what is the new number of graduates in Thane?
a) 34604
b) 28608
c) 90000
d) 12209
e) None of these

5. If another place Chennai has 37.7% less computer literates than Noida. Find the number of computer literates in Chennai.
a) 700089
b) 890078
c) 113198
d) 705181
e) None of these

Answers & Explanations:
1. Answer-b
Noida has highest.

2. Ans-d
Goa has least computer literate

3. Answer-c
Nagpur pucca rural=9859x64 x(13/30)x(21/25)=630976 x(13/30)x(21/25)=259675
Nagpur urban=630976x17/30=357553
Answer=(357553-259675)/357553  x100= 27.3 % less

4. Ans-e

Graduates shifting from Pune= 85872x0.17=14598
New number of graduates in Thane=140097+14598=154695

5. Ans-d

Number of computer literates in Noida=1131912
Hence Number of computer literates in Chennai= 1131912x0.623=705181



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