Letter to the Newspaper editor on How Internet Can Boost Agriculture | SBI PO, BOB Manipal, NICL AO 2017 Descriptive

Hello and welcome to exampundit.  Here is a Letter to the Newspaper editor on How Internet Can Boost Agriculture by Ruchi.


71, Bhawani nagar

May15, 2017

The Editor
The Times of India
New Delhi
Subject- How Internet can boost agriculture in India

Respected sir,

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to express my ideas on how Internet can boost agriculture in India.

For some people, Internet has become an important part and parcel of their lives but for some persons like farmers there is still haziness about its merits. Majority of farmers still follow traditional methods in agriculture and as such because of ignorance and lack of knowledge they get devoid of high growth and productivity in agriculture.

But Internet can used to gather weather information, technical know-how, enhancing their knowledge so that the losses they suffer can be minimised. Even government has launched programs like 'Digital green' and 'online agriculture markets' as a part of 'Digital India' programme to help farmers in agriculture consultation.

So all in all Internet can help them with better techniques, better marketing and make them well versed will government policies that are meant to aid them.

Yours truly



Team ExamPundit