Important Tips to prepare for SBI PO Exam Descriptive Paper

SBI PO Mains is not just competitive however, unpredictable too. We all know descriptive is a part of SBI PO Mains exam in which we know what will be asked from us. They expect us to write a letter and an essay. Descriptive test is for 50 marks and it will be an online test. Immediately after completing objective test, descriptive test is administered. These tips will also be helpful for BOB PO and Dena Bank PO Exams.

You should know that Descriptive Test paper of only those candidates will be evaluated who have scored qualifying marks in the Objective Tests and are placed adequately high as per total marks in Objective Test.

So here we will tell you what is being asked in descriptive test and how to go about it with some valuable tips and points to keep in mind.

The first and foremost thing is to brush up your English skills and it is the test to check how well you can articulate information, understand and express information precisely. Different topics are asked in it and you need to work upon all of them in order to score well. The best part is we know what kind of questions will be asked, it’s just that we need to work on topics and gather all information around us to express your thoughts and practice more and more to be well versed with the syllabus.
You will be asked to write one essay which will be of 30 marks and a letter for 20 marks. 30 minutes time is given for this paper and it commences as soon as objective paper finishes. So here we will learn few things to work upon essay and letter.

Things to be included in Essay

Introduction: Always make sure that your introduction is impressive enough that it gives a positive impact about your essay and the checker can read the same on positive note.

Body: Body includes about the essay, concept, theory and negative and positive points about the topic. Advantages and disadvantages are mentioned it about the topic for the better understanding. In this section you need to express all you thoughts around the topic.

Suggestions: In this section suggestions about the topic are mentioned on how to improve the things for better mankind. Suggestions must always give a positive impact.

Conclusion: In the end section where the summarization of all the points mentioned above is done. Make sure that your conclusion is in harmony with your introduction and doesn’t contradict it.

How to prepare yourself for Essay Writing
  • Writing a good essay requires lot of material to write which cannot be done instantly so you need to prepare yourself before.
  • Go through previous year questions and try to practice them by gathering information.
  • Pick random topics as seen in previous year question papers.
  • You always need to support your arguments with some key points so you should always memorize few.
  • While practicing use the dictionary to check the unfamiliar words.
  • Work on the word limit with proper time frame.
  • Do brainstorming and use a mind map to help stimulate lateral thinking.

Tips for Essay Writing
  • Avoid putting irrelevant information in the topic. Never write assumed things, always give the information which is relevant and the fact or if you are informed about it.
  • As you are given choices among the topic, always choose the topic you have the most information about. Never choose the difficult topic just to impress the examiner.
  • Write down all the information in a rough draft you have in your mind about the topic.
  • Choose the topic you are most familiar about.
  • Take 2-3 minutes to think about the topic.
  • Do not criticize anything needlessly.
  • Mention both negative and positive points about the subject.
  • Never get personal while writing an essay.
  • Highlight the important points in the essay.

Things to be included in Letter

The letter writing is something which we are doing since childhood. However, proper letter writing remains as a question mark till now. The most important thing is it should be done in proper format.
Here we will explain you the exact format of letter writing. The things you must include in your letter.
  • Date
  • Your Address
  • Recipient Address
  • Salutation
  • Body Text
  • Conclusion
  • Signature

How to prepare yourself for Letter Writing
  • Do brainstorming and write your thoughts about the topic you choose to write letter on.
  • Make a rough draft of points in it.
  • Think the reason you are writing letter and what are goals behind writing the same.
  • Then think other thoughts behind the same.
  • Some letters have more than one purpose. You may begin by telling a story and then conclude by the suggestions to improve. It completely depends on topic how you write the same.
  • After writing your points in draft, frame it in a proper structure.
  • Never threaten or write punches in your letter.
  • Always use the power of information.
  • Pick previous years topics and practice them.
  • Practice writing your problem in a way that it directly tells the recipient what you are trying to convey.
  • Always practice it in writing chronologically.
  • Learn a language that is easy to understand.

Tips for Letter Writing
  • The first and the foremost point is always start your letter from the left hand side.
  • With date always include a day of writing the letter as well.
  • Sender’s and Recipient address should be apt.
  • Colon must always be included at the time of salutation.
  • Subject should be crisp and clear enough so that what you intent to write should be clear enough in few words.
  • Body should include the exact and relevant content.
  • Matter should be appropriate enough to understand what you are trying to convey.
  • Conclusion should include the solution that you think is appropriate as per the problem.
  • Never forget to mention thanks and regards at the end.
  • Always mention your signature appropriately.
  • Write your matter precisely, remove unnecessary words from the matter.
  • While writing letter language must be polite and decent.
  • Use short sentences better than long one.
  • Use simple and clear language.

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