How to Prepare for SSC CGL 2017 - Study Plan, Recommended Books, Free Mock Tests

Hello and welcome to exampunditThe most awaited notification of SSC CGLE 2017 has arrived. The exams of Tier 1 have been scheduled in the month of August 2017 tentatively. For some, it’s the very first attempt – a completely new experience and for some, it's just one more attempt out of those past “nth” attempts. Here is a post discussing all the frequently asked information regarding the exam.

Breaking the ice:

As it is an exam common for all graduates, aspirants from various academic backgrounds apply for it. Many think it is quite tough for people from non-science or maths background but that’s not true. The syllabus is quite similar to what we have learned in schools and regardless of your background, the school lessons were same for all. Just in case of current affairs and latest GK we need to study the latest topics. Hence, your performance in this exam does not depend on your academic background.

Tier 1 comprises of 4 sections- General Intelligence Reasoning, General Awareness,  Quantitative ability and English Comprehension each comprising of 25 questions of 2 marks each with exam duration of 60 minutes.

So, you need to attend 200 marks in 60 minutes sounds tough? Well, it's not !!!


Let us now have a look on how to deal with each section:

General Intelligence Reasoning:

The reasoning section generally comprises of following topics:
  1. Coding
  2. Number puzzles
  3. Direction test
  4. Analogy
  5. Figure series completion
  6. Comparison of ranks and quantity
  7. Statement conclusion
  8. Syllogism
  9. Choose the odd one out
  10. Embedded figures, etc

Few tips for this section:
  • Make sure you practice the previous year questions.
  • Solve the questions only relevant to SSC genre instead of overhyping with lengthy puzzles and other sums.
  • The syllogism in SSC is quite different from the regular banking ones. Try solving some old syllogism of SSC and you will get an idea.
  • Try to increase you speed in number puzzles by practicing an ample number of questions and in the exam hall, if you get stuck in any such puzzle do not ever take it on your ego and dare to waste time on finding the answer.
  • Many times, SSC sets ambiguous questions in this section. If you feel it's such a question-safety tip is just to skip it, else bravo you risked 2.5 marks ( question’s mark=2 and negative marking-0.5) and you will lament over when SSC releases the key.

Recommended Book: Kiran’s chapterwise solved papers  Reasoning.

It has topic wise questions and will help you practice if you feel doubtful in this section.

General Awareness:

Many of us are worried that this section is a vast ocean and we may not sail through it successfully. Then let me make it clear to you, you are not required to sail through, you just have to focus on not drowning in and successfully sailing to the shore with lifeboats ( the other sections) if you are not that sharp in this section.

To prepare well for this part browse through the NCERTs and then keep reading and practicing more and more questions. You can prefer any one GK book (either Lucent’s or EP’s Ultimate GK PDF).

Keep the following things in mind for this section:
  • Do not overburden yourself with extra information as it will result in mere tension and nothing else.
  • There is no need of collecting various GK books from different sites. Just pay your focus on the one GK book you have as many of the GK books have same repetitive content.Your score will fetch you the job and not the number of files you have collected.
  • In the initial stage of preparation avoid one-liners or random PDFs with headings –CRACK/ BLOW/ SMASH / KILL (many other fascinating words) CGLE in N number of days. Because random information on random topics will not let the piece of information get imprinted in your mind. Rather you can at first have a chapter wise go-through of the GK book and NCERT which will hardly take  20 days and then you can go for those fascinating PDFs or Quizzes of Exampundit and any other sources that you prefer. But many differ from this statement and prefer the direct reading of quizzes and PDFS. Well, it's your wish which way you chose, because in the end if you fetch good marks, we will be the happiest and proud.

These miscellaneous topics should not be missed:
  1. The chronological order of historical events.
  2. Clear knowledge of the map of India and its neighboring countries ( which state and country share boundaries)
  3. Recent government schemes
  4. Census
  5. Budget
  6. Economic Survey of India
  7. Important obituaries and awards
  8. Popular books
  9. Sports persons and awards.
  10. Dams, Parks, superlatives, Dances, crops, and climate  of India
  11. Famous political figures.

Economics is the section for which many of us worry about. Well, for this topic do not push hard. Try reading some previous year economic questions and the fundamental definitions which you can easily avail in your GK books. It's good if you are able to answer it in the exam, else never an issue, get a grip over other chapters.

Recommended Book: Kiran’s chapter-wise solved papers  General Awareness

The Ultimate GK PDF by EP (free):  Download

Quantitative ability:

This section comprises of:
  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Mensuration
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • Data interpretation
  • Calendar  and clock problems

NCERT books, along with CBSE maths reference books are best for TIER 1 Mathematics. You can make your concept clear by following various youtube channel videos and then turn over the NCERT or reference book and solve a few questions. If you feel you got a command over that lesson then switch to the previous year question. The over-accumulation of concepts is not demanded, we need to get strong over the pattern of questions asked by SSC. Solving topic wise questions similar to previous years will fetch you desired results.

Keep the following things in mind:
  • Avoid mugging up tricks of each and every chapter until and unless you have been using it for a pretty amount of time and are comfortable to use it in any form.
  • Do not overhype with the clarity of concepts. If some particular previous year question does not fit into your understanding, just learn the way how it is solved.
  • In above points. We asked you not to mug up tricks but in very very special conditions, there are a few tricky algebraic questions which are repeated every year and it is highly recommendable for you to learn the shortest trick as given in the solutions. Because who knows, maybe the question gets repeated in you shift without even any alterations. Also, make sure you are able to apply the trick in different possible cases of the same question.

Do not worry, in due course of time, you will be provided with quizzes involving these special tricks, making sure you do not miss those marks.Even the special topics of calendar and clocks will be discussed in quizzes. In the time being you can make your concepts clear by following various video tutorials.

Recommended Book- Kiran’s chapter-wise solved papers  Mathematics 

Recommended by exampundit

English Comprehension:

This section focuses majorly on:
  • Vocabulary, Idioms and phrases, One-word substitution
  • Comprehension
  • Transformation of speech and voice
  • Basic Grammar rules

You cannot increase vocabulary skills by mugging up independent random words. Try reading good standard English articles and then mark the hard words and browse its meaning. You can also increase efficiency in this by learning roots of words, suffixes, and prefixes. There are posts regarding this in Exampundit, browse them.

For idioms and phrases, pick up your English book either- Wren & Martin or R.S. Agarwal, etc and go through the idioms and phrases along with the example sentences.

Basic grammar rules will be tested in error detection or sentence improvement questions. Grammar cannot be learned in a day. So start from today onwards. It's not an alien language, do not worry. We all have learned the required level of Grammar in schools, you just need to revise them by choosing any English book you have with yourself ( make sure it has no errors and is of good publication house which does not have one liner but has lesson wise concepts, examples).

Make sure you practice lots of transformation of speech and voice questions and be conceptually clear.

Recommended Book: Kiran’s chapter-wise solved papers  English

Some advice before concluding:
  1. Skipping a question which is not clicking your instincts will not fetch you out of the race but wasting your time even a minute will surely drag you out to repent for another one year.
  2. This time the duration of the exam has been reduced so we may expect a bit harder question. So make sure while solving sums and reading GK, you make yourself acquainted with a harder side of those topics.
  3. Do not overhype, burden yourself and be a collector of all materials. Just make the best use of the resources you have.

In order to ace the examination, you need to practice a lot. We will be providing all quizzes, materials and PDF this year. Along with that we, recommend Mock Tests for SSC CGL 2017:

SSC CGL 2017 Mock Test – Recommended by exampundit

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DO not be a “Jack of all, master of none”

May the force be with us




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