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Can ISRO overtake NASA in the coming years? – Aarushi Mathur

When the achievements of Indian economy are talked about, the triumphs of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) share a major portion. The Indian Space Agency, headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka has earned accolades from all over the world for its accomplishments in the recent years. The scientists across the world started speculating that ISRO might soon overtake National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the independent and executive space agency of the United States. This comparison was a result of the radical Indian space projects that were carried out by ISRO.

ISRO has taken a giant leap with its most recent mission of launching 104 satellites in one go using PSLV, an Indian rocket. The mission of 2014, the Mangalyan, was the least expensive project of its type with a budget of only 450 crore rupees. India was the first country to successfully reach Mars in its first attempt making it one of the only four countries to have completed such a mission. The Venus exploration orbit project, ADITYA-Sun space mission which was India’s first mission to Sun, Chandrayan 2 and many such projects have made the world believe that ISRO cannot be valued any less now.

India has signed agreements with six countries-Algeria, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Singapore and the US; to launch satellites in the upcoming years. The fact that the US itself is so keen on collaborating with India to launch their satellites clearly shows the pace at which the Indian Space Agency is progressing. As far as surpassing NASA is concerned, ISRO still has a long way to go but the fact that it has the potential, cannot be denied.

In the terms of GDP, India is expected to cross the $4 trillion mark in the next 3 to 4 years. This will definitely make the financial assistance that is provided to ISRO, stronger. As of now, only a little more than 10% of what the US spends on NASA, is allocated to ISRO from the annual budget. ISRO is achieving new heights with each project it undertakes and if it keeps improving, there is no hurdle that can stop ISRO from being a counterpart to NASA in the coming years.



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