Essay - Alcohol ban-Is it the only way to stop crimes and alcohol consumption? | SBI PO, BOB Manipal, NICL AO 2017 Descriptive

Hello and welcome to exampundit. The essay "Alcohol ban-Is it the only way to stop crimes and alcohol consumption?" has been aced by Aarushi Mathur. The essay is to the point and focus solely on the "ban of alcohol".


Alcohol ban-Is it the only way to stop crimes and alcohol consumption? - Aarushi Mathur

Ever since the Supreme Court ordered for a prohibition on alcohol selling and consumption on all the state and national highways, a new debate opened. How effective this ban will be? One group of debaters said that it was an ineffective way and would not bring down the rate of crime whereas the other group was contended and welcomed the ban. This ban was quoted as a classic case of good intentions missing the mark. In no time, several sting operations blatantly unveiled the backdoors of alcohol supply.

When dug in deep to know the requirement of this ban, it appears to be a step to curb drunken driving which is responsible for thousands of deaths per year in India. Also, the after effects of drinking that had come in the limelight in the recent years, like abusing, eve teasing, and rape has also led to the ban. It was clear that the freedom of choice of drinking is being exploited to the extent that is putting the lives of several people at risk.

But there is another side to it – the loss of revenue to the alcohol producing industries. On an estimate the alcohol industry provides employment to almost ten thousand people in a year. The ban would result in the loss of around six lakh crores of revenue, which was fully legitimate. No provision as such has been made for those who were left unemployed overnight and the manufacturers who lost their earnings of a lifetime.

It was no doubt a bold move but also an unplanned one. Instead of the absolute ban, certain restrictions would have been more effective in bringing down the crime rate. Also, proper provisions for the after effects of the ban would prevent the losses. And lastly, a keen check on the illegitimate ways of alcohol supply will bring positive outcomes.

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