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Friday, May 26, 2017

English Quiz for BOB Manipal and Dena Bank PGDBF 2017 - Set 13

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of English Quiz for BOB Manipal and Dena Bank PGDBF 2017.


Directions for questions 1 to 5: Each of the following sentences are divided into parts, which are marked a, b, c and d. One of these parts may contain an error or may not be acceptable in standard written communication. Select the part containing the error and mark it your answer.

1. (a) It is said that /( b) the state of his affairs/(c) are such as to cause anxiety/(d) to his creditors like me.

2. (a) When Gayatri said that /(b) she is coming to see me the next day /(c) I wondered /(d) what problems she would bring.

3. (a) You must know/(b) who Akbar was/(c) even if you have no/(d) special liking to history.

4. (a) No less than / (b) twenty persons /(c) were killed in / (d) the air crash.

5. (a) In India/(b) malnutrition is/(c) the cause / (d) for many diseases.

Directions for questions 6 to 10: Each of these questions has a sentence which has two blanks. Choose the pair of words among the given options that will meaningfully fit the blanks

6. The columnist was almost ____ when he mentioned his friends but he was unpleasant and even ____ when he discussed people who irritated him.
(a) recalcitrant, sarcastic
(b) reverential, acrimonious
(c) sensitive, remorseful
(d) insipid, militant

7. The meaning of this line seems clear : The poet, though not denigrating the concept of _______, nonetheless emphasizes the importance of man’s role in humanity in the ________ .
(a) independence, abstract
(b) community, extreme
(c) unity, synthesis
(d) individuality, aggregate

8. Although Shakespeare received little formal education, scholars have in recent years______ the view that he was_______the work of classical authors.
(a) substantiated, unimpressed by
(b) eroded, obsessed by
(c) supported, oblivious to
(d) undermined, unfamiliar with

9. As a staunch ________of our right to leisure time, Krishna had few________ .
(a) proponent, friends
(b) advocate, defenders
(c) disciple, rivals
(d) defender, equals

10. Ideas ___ to us and gradually ________ into behaviour.
(a) happen, occur
(b) Strike, form
(c) occur, coalesce
(d) shape, recede

Answers & Explanations:

1.c The subject of the sentence is ‘state’ which is singular, hence the verb should also be singular i.e., is instead of are.

2.b Replace is by was.

3.d If you like something, you have a liking for it.

4.a Replace less by fewer. Persons can be counted.

5.d Replace for by of.

6.b ‘But’ used in the sentence gives a clue that words should be contradictory, hence (b) is the answer. ‘Recalcitrant’ is someone who is unwilling to obey orders, ‘Sarcastic’ means ironical. Someone who is sensitive is easily included, changed or damaged, remorseful is to have strong feeling of guilt. Insipid is lacking a strong taste or character, militant is someone active, determined and often willing to use force.

7.d The use of the word ‘though’ give a clue to the answer that words in the blanks have to be contrasting words. Only ‘d’ fits into the scheme.

8.d ‘Although Shakespeare received little formal education’ means that he was not highly educated but he knew quite a few things so we can say that scholars agree that he was familiar with works of classical authors.

9.d ‘Staunch’ means very strong which even come close to being unique so we can say as a staunch defender ......., he had few equals.

10.c The sentence intends to convey that we get ideas suddenly and then we adapt these ideas into our behaviour.



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