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Saturday, April 15, 2017

SBI PO Mains 2017: New Coding Decoding Problems in Reasoning - Set 6

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of New Pattern Coding Decoding for SBI PO Mains 2017.


Given below is a set of sentences along with their codes in a specific machine language.

Watched pot never boils  -   4&g 13$u  11#w 25$v

Beggars cannot choose -  24%w 24%h  25&v

Familiarity breeds contempt -  25%v  24*w  21+b

Counsel is no command -  24&o  18@v 24&g  13@r

According to the above coding pattern, answer the following questions:

1. What will be the code for “ bemuzzle fuzzed” ?
a) 21%g  25*h
b) 21*g   25%h
c) 20%r   16&t
d) Either a or b
e) None

2. ”ace” will be coded as?
a) 20%t
b) 3&t
c) 26#h
d) 26*t
e) None

3. ”muzzling as crazy” will be coded as?
a) 14*j   24$b  26@v
b) 24@j   14&b  20&t
c) 3&t   17+y  25&r
d) Either b or c
e) None

4. What will be the code for “ scuzzy quick” ?
a) 10&t  18&e
b) 10&n 17%r
c) 8%b  10$n
d) Either b or c
e) None

5. ”17$b” will be the code for?
a) Jamie
b) Jammy
c) Yummy
d) Tommy

e) Fanny

  1. Ans-a
  2. Ans-c
  3. Ans-a
  4. Ans-c
  5. Ans-b


Every code consists of three parts- a number (either 1 or 2 digit) , a symbol and a letter of English alphabet.

The number in the code is the reverse numeric value of the first letter of the word
For example 4=w, 11=p, 13=n.
The symbol is coded with respect to the number of digits in the word.
By comparing the common terms of codes and eliminating we get the following :

The letter in the code is the alphabet two places to left of the last letter of the word.
For example in the word never, r is the last letter hence the last part of the code will be r+2=u

Hence the words and their codes are:

Watched       pot       never      boils 
   4&g           11#w     13$u      25$v

Beggars     cannot     choose
25&v          24%w       24%h       

Familiarity     breeds   contempt
  21+b             25%v         24*w     

Counsel      is        no       command
 24&o      18@v   13@r      24&g    

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