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Monday, April 03, 2017

Difference Between Bank PO and Insurance AO Exam Preparation

Hello and welcome to exampunditSince NICL AO rolled out along with BOB Manipal and SBI PO, many aspirants have asked in EP that, what are the differences in terms of preparation between PO & AO exam. So, here is an article on what is the difference between AO and PO Exam preparation?

In terms of difficulty:

When it comes to IBPS PO exam or SBI PO Exam, 90% of the aspirants have a clear view on what to study and what not to study. The exam pattern has changed in last one year and aspirants have started preparing accordingly.

However, the case is not same when it comes to AO Exams. A lot of candidates are quite confused about the difficulty level of the Insurance AO exams. It is mostly because the AOs are not as regular as the PO Exams.

So, what is the difference in terms of difficulty level between Bank PO Exam and Insurance AO Exam?

According to the current standard, pattern, there is not much difference between a PO exam and AO exam.

The IBPS PO exam or SBI PO exam is slightly tougher than the UIIC AO exam or NICL AO exam but the difference is not going to hamper anyone’s preparation.

In terms of syllabus:

Coming to the syllabus part, again there are no visible differences between the two. Be it reasoning, be it quantitative aptitude, both the exam will have lengthy, confusing and calculative problems.

The insurance AO exams always follow the footsteps of IBPS PO & SBI PO Exam. So, one who is preparing for SBI PO or IBPS PO exam can easily go for Insurance AO exams.

Even with the general awareness part, there are no differences except insurance AO exams sometimes have a few questions related to IRDAI, Insurance Co. and rules related to insurance market.

Even with the descriptive part, one can easily prepare for both PO & AO exam.

We will be providing a detailed study plan on BOB Manipal and NICL AO 2017 very soon.

Till then, give your best.

May the force be with you.

Mock Test for SBI PO:

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Mock Test for NICL AO 2017:

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