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Saturday, March 11, 2017

What to Study for NIACL Assistant Prelims 2017 - With FREE MOCK TEST

Hello and welcome to exampundit. As request by many of you, we are providing the Preparation Plan for NIACL Assistant 2017 Prelims.

So lets have a look at the format of the examination:

No. of Qs.
English Language
Numerical Ability

Total time: 60 Minutes

Is there any Sectional Cut-off? - YES

Is there any negative marking? - Yes

How to prepare?

1. Numerical Ability (Quantitative Aptitude): NIACL Assistant 2017 Prelims will have Numerical Ability not Quantitative Aptitude. Well, to be very honest, both of the terms are related yet a lot different.

Quantitative Aptitude tests both your numerical ability as well as logical ability. So, in the quantitative aptitude section you need to be very careful about the steps and the logics of the problems. When it comes to numerical ability, it is mainly about the calculation.

In short
  • Quantitative Aptitude = Numerical Ability (Calculation + Speed) + Logical Ability
  • Numerical Ability = Calculation + Speed

So, you need to practice a lot of Simplification, Approximations and Calculations in order to ace the Numerical Ability section of this exam.
The Numerical Ability section is expected to be moderate, similar to what IBPS Clerk Prelims had.
One must focus on the speed in Numerical Ability.

The important chapters in Numerical Ability are:
I) Approximation
II) Simplification
III) Profit & Loss
IV) Average
V) Interest
VI) Number Series
VII) 2 Chart based Data Interpretation
VIII) Time and Work and Wages
IX) Trains & Distance
X) Age based problems

2. Reasoning Ability: When it comes to reasoning, it is always a match against Australia. You never know how difficult or confusing the questions will be. The Puzzles and Seating Arrangements are always the celebrities in this subject. You have to have a clear concept of each and every common chapters in Reasoning.

However, NIACL Assistant reasoning ability is likely to be similar like the IBPS Clerk reasoning.

The important chapters for Reasoning Ability are:
I) Puzzle
II) Seating Arrangements
III) Blood Relation Test
IV) Direction Test
V) Alphabetic and Alphanumeric Series
VI) Coding Decoding – Old pattern (Easy one)

3. English Language: Grammar is the most important thing you need to prepare in English. English has been a difficult subject for many aspirants. In order to ace it smoothly, you must give proper attention to the subject.

The key to succeed in English is to have a good grammar base, stock of vocabulary and regular practice.

The important chapters in English are:
I) Comprehension
II) Error Correction
III) Cloze Test
IV) Fillers
V) Sentence Rearrangements

The overall exam is expected to be similar to IBPS Clerk Prelims and you must be prepared for each and every subject.


Progress (,)
English Grammar

Calculation & Speed

Revision of Word problems

Puzzle Practice

Linear & Square Seating Arrangements

Improve Overall Speed

In order to prepare yourself for NIACL Assistant 2017 Prelims, Exampundit.in recommends you take the Free All India Mock Test for NIACL Assistant 2017 Prelims – Click Here

All the best.

May the Force be with You!



Team ExamPundit

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