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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

SBI PO Prelims 2017: Cloze Test - Set 7

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of English Quiz for SBI PO Prelims on Cloze Test.

In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words, are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the word in each case.

India has an ___1___ but also an opportune challenge ahead of it with regard to the SDGs. This is because the SDGs essentially encompass India’s overall development agenda ___2___  they include health and food, cities and infrastructure, energy access, poverty and inequality, water, sanitation, climate change, consumption and ecosystems. The interconnected nature of the SDGs makes them complex, but also ___3___ complementary benefits from specific goals and targets. For instance, clean drinking water and sanitation would enhance health, leading to improved nutrition and well-being. Sustainable consumption and production would ___4___ the use of materials and energy, leading to mitigation of greenhouse gases, and should improve local ecosystems because of the relation between consumption and natural systems. It was earlier ___5___ that since climate change, the 13th SDG, is under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the targets for this goal would be determined by the Convention. This safeguards the protections and responsibilities that stem from the UNFCCC.

The former CEO of NITI Aayog is reported to have said ___6___ the difficulty of reaching the SDGs that lack of data has already made it difficult to attain the goals of the 12th Five Year Plan. In ___7___ to paucity of funds, difficulties of data availability and poor capacity at various levels are likely to hamper India’s progress towards the SDGs. But the SDGs are global objectives that signal what is important for human well-being, and they incorporate many of the ___8___ learned from decades of development (sustainable or otherwise). Besides, the specific domains that the SDGs target align almost exactly with the objectives of India’s Five Year Plans and government schemes. Thus, while attaining all the SDGs on time may be near impossible, there are several cross-cutting tasks that can be addressed. These include ___9___ what data we already have used or could use, finding proxies, setting up new institutions (policies, rules and regulations), improving Centre-State coordination to reach the goals, and building ___10___.

1.  (a) small    (b) mammoth     (c) enormous (d) insignificant (e) miniature

2.  (a) as    (b) because    (c) since  (d) for  (e) which

3.  (a)initiates    (b) produces  (c) cites  (d) demonstrates    (e) exemplifies

4.  (a) improve   (b) elevate    (c) reduce  (d) show    (e) notice

5.  (a) agreed    (b) decided    (c) argued    (d) pondered    (e) perceived

6.  (a) about   (b) because    (c) for   (d) regarding     (e) outcasts

7.  (a) addition    (b) reminisce    (c) surplus  (d) compliment  (e) hovering

8. (a)  works   (b) lessons  (c) duties  (d) responsibilities  (e) morals.

9. (a) categorizing   (b) differentiating    (c)identifying   (d) looking (e)hiding

10. (a) wellness (b) capacity    (c) construction  (d) ability    (e) firmness.


Answers & Solutions - Tap to show
1. (c) Because the rest options do not fit the structure.
2. (c) Goes with the meaning of the sentence in the paragraph.
3. (d) Option fits best
4. (c) Option gives meaning to the paragraph.
5. (a) Option fits best
6. (d) said “regarding” something
7. (a) “in addition” is grammatically correct
8. (b) Option fits best
9. (c) Rest alternatives don’t fit with the meaning of the paragraph.
10. (d)Option fits best.



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