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Monday, March 27, 2017

SBI PO Mains 2017 - New Pattern Syllogisms - 2

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is the second set of New Pattern Syllogisms for SBI PO mains 2017. The level is moderate, not very hard.

Direction for questions 1 to 5: Each of the questions contains six statements followed by four sets of combinations of three. You have to choose that set in which the statements are logically related.

1. 1. Some bubbles are not rubbles 
2. Some dubbles are not bubbles
3. None who is rubbles is dubbles 
4. All dubbles are rubbles
5. Some dubbles are bubbles 
6. Some who are rubbles are not bubbles
a) 136 
b) 456 
c) 123 
d) 246

2. 1. Some men are bad 
2. All men are sad
3. All bad things are men 
4. All bad things are sad
5. Some sad things are men 
6. Some sad things are bad
a) 165 
b) 236 
c) 241 
d) 235

3. 1. All Toms are bright 
2. No bright Toms are Dicks
3. Some Toms are Dicks 
4. Some Dicks are bright
5. No Tom is a Dick 
6. No Dick is a Tom
a) 123 
b) 256 
c) 126 
d) 341

4. 1. All witches are nasty 
2. Some devils are nasty
3. All witches are devils 
4. All devils are nasty
5. Some nasty are devils 
6. No witch is nasty
a) 234 
b) 341 
c) 453 
d) 653

5. 1. No tingo is a bingo 
2. All jingoes are bingoes
3. No jingo is a tingo 
4. Some jingoes are not tingoes
5. Some tingoes are jingoes 
6. Some bingoes are not tingoes
a) 123 
b) 132 
c) 461 
d) 241

Direction for questions 6 to 10: This section contains statements followed by questions based on the statements. Read the statements and select the best option as the answer.

6. Unless you decide your whole life to it, you will never learn to speak the language of another country to perfection; you will never know its people and its literature with complete intimacy.

Which of the following is likely to undermine the above argument?

a. I can speak 10 foreign languages already.
b. I do not travel to foreign countries.
c. I am happy with the languages I know and do not need to learn any other language.
d. I should spend time to understand my own people and literature first, only then can I appreciate other languages and cultures.

7. The writer can only be fertile if he renews himself and he can only renew himself, if his soul is constantly enriched by fresh experience.

Which of the following is most likely to support the above thought?

a. Only out of fresh experience can the writer get germs for new writing.
b. The writer can meet new people.
c. The writer must see new places.
d. None of these

8. But because the idea of private property has been permitted to override with its selfishness, the common good of humanity it does not follow that there are not limits within which that idea can function for the general convenience and advantage.

Which of the following is most likely to weaken the argument?

a. All the people of the society should progress at an equitable rate and there should be no disparities and private property does bring about a tremendous disparity.
b. One should not strive for the common good of humanity at all, instead one should be concerned with maximising one's own wealth.
c. One should learn from the experiences of former communist nations and should not repeat his mistakes at all.
d. Even prosperous capitalist countries like the USA have their share of social problems.

9. Now the audience is a very curious animal. It is shrewd rather than intelligent. Its mental capacity is less than that of its most intellectual members. If these were graded from A to Z, decreasing with succeeding letters to the zero of the hysterical shop-girl, I should say its mental capacity would come around about the letter O.

According to the above statement,

a. some members in the audience are more intelligent than any of its other members.
b. the net intelligence of the audience is a little less than average.
c. Only (a)
d. Both (a) and (b)

10. I have been studying it, consciously and subconsciously, for 40 years and I still find men unaccountable; people I know intimately can surprise me by some action of theirs which I never thought them capable of or by the discovery of some trait which exhibit a side of themselves that I never even suspected.

The idea in this sentence can be best summarised as

a. men are inconsistent and therefore one should not be confident even about one's closest friends.
b. men are unpredictable, one can never tell what they will do next; hence, one should be very careful in one's dealings.
c. no matter how closely you know somebody there still exists an unknown facet of his personality.
d. None of these

Solutions - Tap to show
1. d Some dubbles are not bubbles but all dubbles are rubbles, so it follows that some of the rubbles are not bubbles.

2. b If all men are sad and all bad things are men, it follows that some sad things are bad.

3. c All Toms are bright, but no bright Tom is a Dick. Therefore, no Dick is a Tom.

4. b If all witches are devils and all devils are nasty, it implies that all witches are also nasty.

5. a No tingo is a bingo but all jingoes are bingoes. Hence, no jingo is a tingo.

6. d One cannot devote one's whole life to understanding another culture, if to appreciate other cultures first one has to spend time understanding one's own culture and people.

7. a Fresh experience enriches the writers soul, thus renewing him, in turn leading to the writer being fertile.

8. a An idea that brings in a tremendous disparity would not be able to work for general convenience and advantage, as stated in the argument.

9. d

10. c The passage states that even those whom we intimately know, can surprise us at times with some unknown facet of their personality



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