SBI PO Mains 2017: New Coding Decoding Problems in Reasoning - Set 4

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of New Pattern Coding Decoding for SBI PO Mains 2017.

In a certain coding system, the following sentences are coded as shown below (irrespective of their meaning):
December awkward winner freight - i(32-2)     z(42-10)    g(24-8)      d(32-2)
Falsehood tortoise racist enthusiasm - w(24-8)   u(42-10)     h(52-15)       i(52-42)
Paranoid drought culture Nazism- g(32-2)     f(32-2)     s(24-8)     q(42-10)
Amazing tangible prophet xenon- a(62-31)    w(24-8)    s(32-2)    d(32-2)
Wolfram excitement zeal -  c(72-45)   h(52-15)  z(32-2)
Now answer the following questions with respect to the pattern of coding followed above:

6. What is the definite code for “ culture” ?
a) f(32-2)
b) c(32-2)
c) f(33-19)
d) c(42-8)
e) either b or c

7. “ corrigendum overthrown admission” can be coded as:
a) d(52-42)   f(7x3-10)   r(42-6)
b) r(62-42)   d(34-52)   f(42-6)
c) d(8x9-7x9)   r(43-18x3)  f(92-70)  
d) a and c
e) b and c

8. “comprehend” will be coded as :
a) f(42-6)
b) g(32-6)
c) c(22+6)
d) a(5x2)
e) d(81-71)

9. “ s(42-32)  z(-10+42)” can be the coding for :
I. welcome  paranoid
II. pastels  weaver
III. quarantine mailings
IV. mail review
V. walnut  package

a) only i
b) i and iii
c) iii and v
d) iv and v
e) ii and v

10. “j(43-56)”  can be the code for :
i. gabbards
ii. ichnology
iii. galenite
iv. gabardine
v. ignorance

a) I and iii
b) Ii and iii
c) Ii and iv
d) Only iv
e) Only iii

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Every  code consists of two parts – an alphabet and a mathematical expression.

The alphabet is the third next letter of the first alphabet ( in alphabet series)  of the word
For example for December, first letter of the word=d. Its third next letter in the alphabet series =g.
Hence first part of the code for December is  “g”

The mathematical expression is the number of alphabets in the word
For Ex- December has 8 words hence any mathematical expression leaving answer =8 will b the 2nd part of the code. Here we have the code  (24-8)=16-8=8

The first part of the code is fixed for every alphabet, but the second part can be any expression which gives the number of alphabets in the word.

Hence , the words along with their respective codes are :

December       awkward         winner        freight
g(24-8)                d(32-2)               z(42-10)         i(32-2)    

Falsehood         tortoise         racist         enthusiasm
  i(52-42)             w(24-8)         u(42-10)       h(52-15)       

 Paranoid        drought       culture        Nazism
s(24-8)                g(32-2)         f(32-2)          q(42-10)

Amazing        tangible         prophet        xenon
d(32-2)             w(24-8)        s(32-2)           a(62-31)    
Wolfram        excitement          zeal 
  z(32-2)               h(52-15)         c(72-45)  

4. e


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