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Thursday, March 09, 2017

SBI PO Mains 2017: New Coding Decoding Problems in Reasoning - Set 3

In a certain coding system, the following sentences are coded as shown below (irrespective of their meaning):

basils fragrance sacred  around-  @81f   ^36s  +36a   #36b
Australia tangerine wolf-  $16w  %81t    +81a
Quetta basket catholic fantasy-  @49f   *64c   &36q   #36b
Sound task queen-  %16t   ^25s  &25q
Church fool globe-  *36c   !25g   @16f

Now answer the following questions with respect to the pattern of coding followed above:

1. What will be the code for  “ tantra Britain asparagus ”?
a) #44b  -81r  %36t
b) +144r   %36t  #25b
c) &36b  %16t  !24b
d) +18a   %30r  #16c
e) %36t   #49b  +81a

2. *121c is most probably the code for?
a) Charismatic
b) Coffee
c) Comedian
d) Culprit
e) Chariot

3. What will be the code for “fantasy”?
a) @25r
b) $36f
c) +64f
d) @49f
e) Cannot be determined

4.  “ -25u  ~16z &25q “  will be the coding for?
a) uniform location rectangle
b) zeta bubble laptop
c) under quilt zero
d) unity tangent  enthusiasm
e) wolf  universe zeal

5. Given below are few words and their codes:
i) daisy- (25d
ii) copier- *36c
iii) Donald - )36d
iv) overseas-  =64o
v) practical- \81p

Which of the above codes is / are wrong ?
a) All are correct
b) I and ii
c) Either I or III
d) Only v
e) Only ii

Answers with Detailed Solutions - Tap to show
Every code consists of three parts- a symbol , a number , an alphabet
The symbol corresponds to the first alphabet of every word
The number is the square of the number of alphabets in the word
The alphabet is the first alphabet of the word.
By elimination we get
F= @
A= +
W= $
G= !

So the code for fragrance= @81f ( 81=9^2 which is the number of alphabets in the word)
And hence the codes and the respective words are :
Basils       fragrance        sacred      around
#36b        @81f                 ^36s         +36a

Australia        tangerine       wolf
+81a                 %81t              $16w

Quetta      basket       catholic    fantasy
&36q          #36b           *64c        @49f

Sound        task         queen
^25s          %16t          &25q

Church        fool           globe
*36c             @16f         !25g
  1. e
  2. a
  3. d
  4. c
  5. c



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