Reasoning Ability Quiz for Syndicate Bank PGDBF 2017 - Puzzles | Set 2

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Reasoning Quiz for upcoming Bank and Insurance Exams. This quiz is specifically given for Syndicate PGDBF Exam.

[Directions: Set of 5 Questions]: Q.1-5 – Read the following information carefully and answer.
Eight person— A, E, N, D, K, I, S, and W are sitting in three rows R1, R2 and R3. And they are in three different categories, either sketcher or singer or chef, In each row at least two and at most three persons are sitting there. And at least two person are in each category but not more than three. E and N are in different rows but not in rows R2, and both are in same categories. W and S are in same row and in same categories, but not chef, D and K are in different row but not in row R1 and in different categories but not chef. A is in row R2 and D is not in same as in A, Both person of row R2 are singer, I is chef and not in row R1, From three chef two are row in R3, I and N are in same row, and there are three sketcher.

1. Who sits in row 1?
a) E
b) W
c) S
d) N
e) None of these

2. Who is/are the singers?
a) K,E
b) A,K
c) A,J
d) N,K
e) J

3. Choose the odd one :
a) N
b) D
c) I
d) K
e) None

4. Which of the following is not in row 1?
a) E
b) W
c) S
d) I
e) None

5. Who is with 2 chefs in one row?
a) Dancer
b) Sketcher
c) Singer
d) Either dancer or sketcher
e) None

[Directions: Set of 5 Questions]: Q.6-10 – Read the following information carefully and answer.
A shelf has 7 boxes numbered one to seven. In such a way that the lowest box is numbered one: the box above it is numbered two and soon such that the topmost box numbered seven. One out of seven goods viz. P. Q R S. T. U and V are kept in each box, the good who has even number value according to alphabet series, is kept in fourth box. T is not kept in the box immediately below U's box. U is kept in the second or seventh box. R is not kept in an even numbered box. Q is kept in box immediately above or below R's box which is not kept in seventh box. S is not kept in the second topmost box. V is not kept in fifth box. There are two boxes in between boxes containing P and S.

6. Box 7 contains?
a) S
b) U
c) V
d) T
e) Cannot be determined

7. Box 2 contains:
a) U
b) V
c) Either U or V
d) Either U or T
e) T

8. The lowermost box contains:
a) V
b) S
c) T
d) P
e) Cannot be determined definitely.

9. The box immediately below the box containing P contains:
a) T
b) U
c) V
d) R
e) None

10. The box below the topmost Box contains:
a) Q
b) R
c) P
d) T
e) None

Ans - e
Ans - b
Ans - d
Ans - d
Ans - b
Ans - e
Ans - c
Ans - e
Ans - a
Ans - a


1-5: Sln-Row 1E(chef),W(Dancer),S(sketcher)
        Row 2A(Singer),K(Singer)
        Row 3N(chef),D(sketcher),I(chef)

7 S/U/V
6 Q
5 R
4 P
3 T
2 U/V
1 V/S



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