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Friday, February 24, 2017

New Pattern English Quiz for Upcoming Bank Exams 2017

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of English Language Quiz based on the new pattern for the upcoming Syndicate Bank PGDBF 2017.

In each question below, two parts of sentence are given with two blank spaces between them. Choose from the options given, which can fill up the blanks in proper sequence to makes the sentences meaningfully complete.

1._____.Without the skills to stay useful as innovations arrive, workers suffer-and if enough of them fall behind, society starts to fall apart._____. Later, automation in factories and offices called forth a surge in college graduates.
I. The fundamental insight seized reformers in the industrial revolution, heralding state-funded universal schooling
II. When education fails to keep pace with technology, the result is inequality.
III. The combination of education and innovation, spread over decades, led to a remarkable flowering of prosperity.
(A) I and II
(B) II and III
(C) III and II
(D) II and I
(E) I and III

2. The second big influence on inflation is the amount of slack in the domestic economy.______. On the basis, America’s economy, with unemployment at 4.7%, is close to full capacity.______. Assuming that trend productivity growth is around 1%, then wage growth of around 3% is consistent with a 2% rise in unit-wage costs, in line with the Fed’s inflation target.
I. The picture is cloudier in other parts of the rich world.
II. The unemployment rate, measuring labour market slack, is often a convenient gauge.
III. Average wages rose by 2.9% in the year to December, the highest rate since 2009.
(A) I and III
(B) I and II
(C) II and I
(D) II and III
(E) III and I

3. They are geologists who scour the treacherous depths of the Arctic, or Brazil’s Atlantic pre-salt fields, or offshore West-Africa, or the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, hoping to bag giant oil discoveries that can generate billions of dollars of cash for their firms over a span of decades. ________. The Gulf of Mexico is peppered with field’s named after geologists’ wives (risky if they are duds) , or their favourite albums, bands, stars and football chants. They are part of the industry’s folklore._______
I. In some cases they get naming rights
II. Proudly, they call themselves elephant hunters
III. The question is, are they a dying breed?
(A) II and III
(B) III and I
(C) III and II
(D) I and III
(E) I and II

4. In the past few weeks, Mr Trump has lambasted Apple for not producing more bits of iPhone in America; harangued Ford about plans to move production of its Lincoln sports-utility vehicles; and lashed out at Boeing, not long after the firm’s chief executive has mused publicly about the risks of a protectionist trade policy._______. One poll suggests that six out of ten Americans view Mr Trump more after the Carrier deal.____
 I. This muscularity is proving popular
II. Start with the confusions in Mr Trump’s philosophy
III. Most dramatically, Mr Trump bribed and cajoled Carrier, a maker of air-conditioning units in Indiana, to change its plans and keep 800 jobs in the state rather than move them to Mexico.
(A) I and II
(B) II and III
(C) II and I
(D) III and I
(E) III and II

5. One of the most important medical insights of recent decades is that cancers are triggered by genetic mutations._______. A recent study of 2,600 patients at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Centre in Houston, Texas, showed that genetic analysis permitted only 6.4% of those suffering to be paired with a drug aimed specifically at the mutation deemed responsible.________. Other triggering mutations are numerous, but rare- so rare that no treatment is known nor, given the economics of drug discovery, is one likely to be sought.
I. The reason is that there are only a few cancer-trigerring mutations, and drugs to deal with them.
II. Cashing that insight in clinically, to improve treatments, has, however, been hard
III. Facts such as these have led many cancer biologists to question how useful the gene-led approach to understanding and treating cancer actually is
(A) I and III
(B) III and I
(C) II and III
(D) II and I
(E) III and II

Given below are five sentences. You have to read each of them carefully and check for grammatical errors and mark your answers accordingly.

6.(A) Adding to the sense of action, on December 7th Royal Dutch Shell, an Anglo-Dutch firm, signed a preliminary memorandum of understanding to develop oil in Iran, despite Donald Trump’s hostility for Barack Obama’s nuclear deal and the possibility of renewed sanctions.
(B) Such forays show that, for the first time since oil prices plunged in 2014, Big Oil is putting its head above the parapet to seek substantial new sources of crude that will tide it through the 2020s
(C) Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister and grandson of wartime minister and post-war prime minister, has made no secret of his personal interest in resolving the issue  
(D) By preventing American firms from maximizing their efficiency using complex supply chains, they would reduce their competitiveness, deter new investment and, eventually, hurt workers’ wages across the economy.
(E) all are correct

7.(A) Likewise, the defeat is not just a blow to Mr Assad’s opponents, but also to the Western conviction that, in the foreign policy, values matter as well as interests.
(B) Since Congo has few producers or studios, only a tiny market for sales and a population who almost live on a few dollars a day, Congolese musicians have to survive on patronage, like Mozart in 18th century Vienna but even more flamboyant clothes.
(C) An improving demand climate is reflected in upbeat surveys of manufacturing purchasing managers across Asia and in the rich world.
(D) Unfortunately as our special report in this issue sets out, the lifelong learning that exists today mainly benefits high achievers-and is therefore more likely to exacerbate inequality than to diminish it.
(E) all are grammatically correct

8.(A) It is also examining Rs25,000 crore cash was deposited in dormant bank accounts and more than Rs13,000 crore in Regional Rural Banks were deposited while nearly Rs80,000 crore of repayment of loans was done in cash since November8, 2016.
(B) The move came following allegations that the company breached its agreement with the corporation, under which 4,440 units of signage were to be erected in 74 divisions of the corporation in 90 days.
(C) And it was pure nostalgia for the former Mohammedan sporting club player when he returned to the pitch at the Malapuram district sports council stadium, where he had grown up and perfected his dribbling skills.
(D) Petta Thullal, the annual ritual marking the victory of Lord Ayyappa over demon Mahishi, will be performed by Ambalappuzha team and Alangattu team by taking processions from Erumeli Petta Sastha temple to the Erumeli Sree Dharma Sastha temple.
(E) all are grammatically correct

9. (A) In a bid to reduce corruption and ensure smooth functioning of government offices, the Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau has decided to set up internal Vigilance units in government offices in the state.
(B) Nobody dared to point out the irony of a comrade nipping a trade unionesque protest before it bloomed.
(C) It would be naïve for India to assume that its economy will boom if it draws closer to the upcoming Trump administration amid a pending trade war between Beijing and Washington.
(D) India’s energy quest has taken it to east-central Africa as it decided to elevate its partnership with landlocked country Rwanda to strategic level.
(E)  none is grammatically correct

10. (A) I really wanted to be a doctor, until my freshman year of college when I realized that while I was good at chemistry and biology, I really wasn’t feeling challenged by it.
(B) US President Barack Obama chose four Americans for the Presidential Early Career Awards for scientists and engineers. Pankaj Lal, Kaushik Choudhary, Manish Arora and Aradhna Tripathi were the recipients of the highest govt-bestowed honour in the field. 
(C) Tamil nadu is one of the progressive states as far as digital transaction is concerned.
(D) The fall in sales, say analysts, will also have a direct impact on overall manufacturing, with ancillary industries taking a hit if auto production falls.
(E) none is grammatically correct.

Solutions - Tap to show
1. D
2. D
3. D
4. D
5. D
6. A    use ‘to’ after hostility
7. B    use ‘from’ instead of ‘on’ patronage
8. E  
9. A    ‘at’ government offices
10. B     use of ‘the’ before recipient is redundant 



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