How to Prepare Reasoning Ability for SBI PO Prelims 2017 | For Both Working and Job Seeking Aspirants

Hello and welcome to exampundit. With more than 70 days left for SBI PO Prelims, this article tries to explain how to prepare Reasoning Ability for SBI PO Prelims.

This article is meant not only for those who have been preparing for bank exams since long but also for noobs, so we’ll divide the preparation plan for this section in three steps.

Step I- A bird’s eye view of the section
Step II- Clearing basic concepts and practicing them
Step III- Working on accuracy and speed

Step I: - General topics from which questions are asked

1. Alphabetical and Alphanumeric series
2. Direction and Distances
3. Coding-Decoding
4. Ranking Test
5. Blood Relation
6. Input-Output
7. Decision Making
8. Syllogism
9. Inequality
10. Seating Arrangement
11. Puzzles
12. Assumptions
13. Arguments and Evaluating inferences
14. Stronger and Weaker arguments
15. Course of Action
16. Cause and Effect
17. Data Sufficiency

From the above list of topics, the prime focus as far as SBI PO Prelims is considered should be on-
Seating Arrangement, Puzzles, Syllogism, Inequality, Alphabetical and Alphanumeric series, Directions and Distances, Blood Relation and Ranking Test.

In SBI PO Prelims, reasoning ability will comprise of 35 questions of 1 mark each. For each wrong answer, there will be a penalty of 0.25 marks.

Expected number of questions from each topic-
  1. Seating Arrangement (North-South facing/ Circular) -10 marks
  2. Puzzles -15 marks
  3. Syllogism/ Inequality-5 marks (May or May not be asked)
  4. Miscellaneous topics (Alphabetical and Alphanumeric series, Directions and Distances, Blood Relation and Ranking Test)-10 marks

Also, it is important to keep in mind that Reasoning Ability is one such section that has gone through tremendous changes since last 1 year and as such many efficient aspirants could not fetch cut off marks in this section despite scoring well overall. So, we need to prepare this section well not only for clearing the preliminary examination but also getting the final selection done.

Step II- Clearing Basic concepts and a lot of practice

Things to do-

1. Clear all the basic concepts chapter-wise.
2. After clearing the basic concepts, practice 2-3 sets of these daily.

Dedicated daily study hours required:-

For Noobs or those who are weak  in Reasoning
At least 2 hours
*PUZZLES- 40min (as many sets as possible in this time)
Those who find Reasoning easy
1-1.5 hours
Those who are working or studying

Step III- Working on speed and accuracy

There’s a well-known saying, “A little progress everyday adds up to big results”. This is what we need to do. With CONSISTENT PRACTICE, comes speed and for accuracy mock tests are important.

Dedicated days required for Step I
1-2 day(s)
Dedicated days required for Step II
7-14 days
Dedicated days required for Step III
Rest of the days

Lastly, FOCUS is very important when your aim is SBI PO.


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