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Daily Word List - 27 January, 2017 - Definition | Synonyms | Use in a Sentence

Hello and welcome to exampundit. So here are the Daily Word List of 27 January, 2017.

1. Flutter (v): To flap or wave quickly but irregularly.

Synonyms: wave rapidly, flap, drift, hover.

Use: flags fluttering in the wind.

2. Swindler (n): person who swindles, cheats or defrauds.

Synonyms: cheater, thief, fraud.

Use: never trust a swindler.

3. Bolster (v): To brace, reinforce, secure, or support.

Synonyms: help, aid.

Use: the fall in interest rates is starting to bolster confidence

4. Seethe (v): to be in a violent or agitated state of mental or emotional turmoil.

Synonyms: fume, bristle, be very angry.

Use: Inwardly he was seething at the slight to his authority

5. Mien (n): facial expression or attitude, especially one which is intended by its bearer.

Synonyms: countenance, demeanor manner.

Use: A confident man is crucial for persuading others.

6. Sepulture (n): burial chamber.

Synonyms: grave, mound, vault, tomb.

Use: As one dead in the bottom of a sepulture.

7. Hoist (v): To raise; to lift; to elevate; especially, to raise or lift to a desired elevation, by means of tackle or pulley, as a sail, a flag, a heavy package or weight.

Synonyms: lift, erect, heave.

Use: They land my goods, and hoist my flying sails.

8. Blase (adj.): Unimpressed with something because of over-familiarity.

Synonyms: casual, indifferent, nonchalant, unimpressed.

Use: He is far too blase about such a serious matter.

9. Mettle (n): a quality of endurance and courage.

Synonyms: boldness, strength of character, bravery, caliber.

Use: the team showed their true mettle in the second half

10. Irk (v): to irritate; annoy; bother.

Synonyms: aggravate, bother, disturb, rub the wrong way.

Use: It irks me to do all this work and have someone destroy it.



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