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Daily Word List - 19 January, 2017 - Definition | Synonyms | Use in a Sentence

Hello and welcome to exampundit. So here are the Daily Word List of 19 January, 2017.

1. Pococurante(adj.):  Not caring or concerned;

Synonyms: casual, indiscreet, apathetic, indifferent.

Use: He was Pococurante to the proposal,  since it didn't affect him,  either way.

2. Burgeon(v): to grow or expand.

Synonyms:  bloom, prosper, sprout, bud.

Use:  Gradually,  the town burgeoned into a thriving city.

3. Scuttle(v):  (transitive) Undermine or thwart oneself (sometimes intentionally),  or denigrate or destroy one's position or property; compare scupper.

Synonyms:  destroy,  abandon, submerge.

Use: The candidate had scuttled his chances with his unhinged outburst.

4. Compendious adj.):  containing or presenting the essential facts of something in a comprehensive but concise way.

Synonyms:  succinct, pithy.

Use: "a compendious study"

5. Rapscallion(n.):  a dishonest, unreliable person.

Synonyms: rascal, knave, miscreants,  rogue, scamp, scoundrel.

Use: She was the sister who had remained within the pale; I,  the rapscallion of a brother whose vagaries were trying to his relations.

6. Apothegm(n.):  A short witty instructive saying.

Synonyms:  adage, dictum, axiom.

Use: Every glass of wine,  or bit almost,  that I committed to my mouth,  the ushered thither with tome Apothegm or other: the whole terries,  indeed,  of her discourse,  was computed of nothing but reason or wit,  which made me admire her; which the easily understood,  I perceived by her tiles,  when the observed me gaping,  as it were,  when the spoke,  as if I would have eaten up her Words.

7. Loom (v): To rise and to be eminent; to be elevated or ennobled,  in a moral sense.

Synonyms: emerge, brew, appear.

Use: On no occasion does he [Paul] loom so high,  and shine so gloriously,  as in the context.

8. Facultative (adj.): Of or relating to faculty, especially to mental faculty.

Synonyms: optional, discretional, elective.

Use: "facultative adjustment in relation to competitive abilities"

9. Mephitic (n.): foul-smelling or noxious, particularly of a gas or atmosphere.

Synonyms: noxious, smelly, foul.

Use: the cloud of mephitic vapors lingered above our heads

10. Evince(v):  To show or demonstrate clearly;

Synonyms: manifest, attest, declare.

Use: Common sense and experience must and will evince the truth of this.



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