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Daily Word List - 10 January, 2017 - Definition | Synonyms | Use in a Sentence

Hello and welcome to exampundit. So here are the Daily Word List of 10 January, 2017.

1. Vitiate (v): to reduce the value,  quality,  or effectiveness of something.

Synonyms: cancel, nullify, negate, morally corrupt.

Use: "development programmes have been vitiated by the rise in population"

2. Eponym (n): The name of a real or fictitious person whose name has,  or is thought to have,  given rise to the name of a particular item.

Synonyms: signature, nickname, namesake.

Use: "the eponymous founder of the Ford Motor Company"

3. Bloviate (v): To speak or discourse at length in a pompous or boastful manner.

Synonyms: proclaim, recite, declare.

Use: “the rural Babbitt who bloviates about ‘progress’ and ‘growth’"

4. Pizzazz (n): having full of energy.

Synonyms: flamboyance, ability,  vitality,  aptitude.

Use: The show had a lot of pizzazz,  with glittering costumes and upbeat music.

5. Picayune (adj): small and of little importance.

Synonyms: trivial,  frivolous,  immaterial.

Use: "the picayune squabbling of party politicians"

6. Dour (adj): expressing gloominess.

Synonyms: (stern,  harsh) forbidding,  harsh,  severe,  stern (unyielding) obstinate,  stubborn,  unyielding (expressing gloom) dejected,  gloomy,  melancholic,  sullen

Use: "a hard, dour, humorless fanatic"

7. Oomph (n): a kind of force or power.

Synonyms: energy,  fortitude,  potency,  clout.

Use: "he showed entrepreneurial oomph".

8. Heretical (adj): Contrary to mainstream or accepted opinion.

Synonyms: unorthodox, agnostic, apostate.

Use: "I feel a bit heretical saying this,  but I think the film has too much action"

9. Wedged (adj): incapable of proceeding without help.

Synonyms: unaware, suspended, confused.

Use: "she wedged her holdall between two bags"

10. Contumelious (adj): rudely contemptuous.

Synonyms: disdainful, insolent, abusive, brash.

Use: The pad would not stay on Modestine’s back for half a moment. I returned it to its maker,  with whom I had so contumelious a passage that the street outside was crowded from wall to wall with gossips looking on and listening.



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