Strategy for IBPS Clerk VI Mains - How to Score Maximum Marks?

Hello and welcome to exampundit. So here is the last minute strategy for IBPS Clerk VI Mains Exam which will definitely help you to score maximum marks. The strategy is provided by our mentor Ketan Thakur.

Before preparing any strategy for an exam, One needs to go through the structure of the exam.

No. of questions
Maximum Marks
Allotted time
20 mins
General Awareness
25 mins
30 mins
30 mins
Quantitative Aptitude
30 mins
135 mins

What is obvious from above structure is that there is no need of time management in this exam since all the sections are allotted time beforehand and there is nothing much you can do about it.
There is no jumping from one section to another or to commence with your favourite section.

Also there is no pre-defined sequence of sections as they will appear in the exam. So you need to be ready to solve whichever section pops up in front of your screen and try to complete is reasonably well in the time allotted for that particular section.

SO THE BIG QUESTION HERE IS :- Is there NO NEED for any strategy for such exam structure?

Well the answer is YOU WILL STILL NEED A STRATEGY in the form of DOs and DON’Ts.

Here we begin.. Lets go!!

1. Computer

à Just attempt the questions of which you have 100% surety.
à You may attempt the questions in which you are confused between 2 options, Go with your GUT!

X Don’t try to guess the answer. Negative marking will pull you behind in the competition
X Don’t attempt the question in which you are confused between 3 or more options. RUN AWAY!

NOTE: 20 Mins is too much for attempting 40 questions of Computers. You will be done attempting 40 questions in 10 mins at best. For the next 10 mins, Just sit idle with your eyes closed or your brain will force you to guess some of the questions which you haven’t answered and this may lead to negative marking. MEDITATE!

2. General Awareness

DOs and DON’Ts same as Computer section.

NOTE: 25 Mins is again too much for this section. You will be done with this section in 15mins at best. Please don’t guess the answers for the questions you have no idea about. Negative marking will take away your hard earned marks from total score.

3. English

à Select your question sets wisely. Ideally one should start with Fillers/Cloze test followed by error detection/sentence correction. Para jumble and Comprehension should be attempted last in the order.
à Take your time to read and understand the question carefully. This will increase your accuracy significantly. There is sufficient time allotted for this section.

X Don’t attempt the question if you are confused between 3 or more options.
X Don’t start with para jumble or comprehension as it might lead to more consumption of time

4. Reasoning

à Start with Syllogisms, Inequalities, Blood Relation, Direction sense. Puzzles, Data sufficiency and Critical Reasoning should be last in the order of attempt as they tend to consume more time.
à Although time allotted is not sufficient for this section, I’d still advice you to take your time to read and understand the question carefully. This will increase your accuracy significantly.

X Don’t commence this section with puzzles. You might end up wasting time trying to solve difficult puzzles only to find there were easier questions that you could have done in lesser time.

5. Quantitative Aptitude

à Start with Simplification/Approximation, Number series, Quadratic equations followed by Data Interpretation.

X Word problems and Data Sufficiency tend to consume more time. Avoid them until last if you have some time left.

That’s all from my side. All the very best.

The Power is in your hands. Be the Miracle.

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