Important Chapters for IBPS PO VI MAINS

Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here are the lists of Important Chapters from all the tests in IBPS PO VI Mains Exam which is scheduled on 20th of November, 2016. Please note that these are only the list of IMPORTANT CHAPTERS and TOPICS from the tests and this does NOT mean that you do not have to study others.

Important Chapters from Reasoning
  1. Puzzles are the most important
  2. Seating Arrangements which also have other data
  3. Statement and Arguements
  4. Statements & Assumptions
  5. Syllogisms
  6. Data Sufficiency
  7. High Level Blood Relation Tests with Professions or Seating Data
  8. Direction Tests
  9. Inequalities
  10. High Level Coding & Decoding based on Numbers, Characters & Alphabets
  11. Logical sequences
  12. Input/Output

Important Chapters from English Language:
  1. Passage Improvement - Suggesting improvement for a portion of passage
  2. Passage fillers - filling up the last suitable sentence for a passage
  3. Sentence based vocabulary problems
  4. Comprehension – Financial & Economical
  5. Cloze Test – Financial Topics which can be lengthy
  6. Double Fillers – Moderate to Tough Level
  7. Sentence Rearrangements – Moderate level
  8. Error Corrections – Moderate Level


Important Computer Chapters:

  1. Abbreviations
  2. Moderate Level functions of Networking
  3. Moderate Level functions of Hardware and Applications
  4. Moderate level features of Software and Hardware
  5. Basic to Moderate features and functions of Peripherals

Important Chapters from Quantitative Aptitude:

  1. Missing Data DI – very important
  2. Data Interpretation with 2 or more than 2 Table/Pie/Graph
  3. Caselet Data Interpretations – Lengthy ones
  4. Data Interpretations on Profit & Loss, Area and Distance
  5. Caselet DI on Probability(less chance, but you can search in EP for sample)
  6. Profit & Loss
  7. Quadratic Equations
  8. Time, Distance and Work
  9. Caselets based on Train or Age related problems

Important General Awareness Topics:

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  • 8 Sectional Mocks containing General Awareness and Computer.
  • The GA and Computers have separate timings i.e. 20 minutes for GA and 10 for Computer, total, 30 mins each mocks.
  • Up to date questions.
  • In-depth Current Affairs Questions will have last 10 days current affairs.
  • Every questions in GA has explanation.


Team ExamPundit