IBPS Marketing Officer 2016-2017 - Professional Knowledge Quiz - Set 1

Hello and welcome to exampundit .Here is a set of Marketing Quiz for IBPS Specialist Officer - Marketing Officer 2017 Exam.

1. Out of the following, ____________ is not one of the three levels of a product :
1) Core 
2) Augmented
3) Actual 
4) Fragmented
5) All of these

2. Out of the following, ____________ is not an objective of pricing :
1) Profit
2) Stabilising demand and sales of the product
3) Improvement in product quality
4) Expansion of business
5) all of these

3. Of the following pricing methods, _________is not based on competitors pricing :
1) English Auction
2) Sealed—Bid Auction
3) Group Pricing
4) None of these
5) All of these

4. A prospect means
1) any customer who walks into the bank
2) an employee of the bank
3) a customer who is likely to be interested in bank’s product or service
4) a depositor of the bank
5) a borrower of the bank

5. Goods that are typically bought by a consumer based on a comparison of suitability, quality, price, and style are called ____________ goods :
1) Industrial 
2) Specialty
3) Shopping 
4) Convenience
5) All of these

6. Innovation means
1) Compensation
2) inspiration
3) additional perquisites
4) implementing new ideas or new methods
5) None of these


7. A bank has a special product for senior citizens which provides cheque book on saving account with customer name on cheque book, free of cost debit card with over draft facility of rs 15,000, a special pouch for holding passbook, cheque book and debit card, facility for withdrawal and deposits at any branch of the bank, free of cost remittances to any branch of the bank, and free of cost remittances to any branch of another bank covered under RTGS facility. Which of the following is the core product in this offering?
1) Overdraft 
2) Remittances
3) Saving account 
4) None of these
5) All of these

8. A lead means
1) a prospect who is more likely to avail of the Bank’s product
2) a political leader
3) a religious leader
4) a bank chairman
5) None of these

9. A Call means
1) calling on friends
2) calling on bank employees
3) calling on prospective customers
4) to make telephone calls
5) calling on relatives

10. The Traditional Marketing style involves
1) Telemarketing
2) Digital Marketing
3) Indirect Marketing
4) Direct Marketing
5) All of the above


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