IBPS Clerk Prelims VI - Strategy and How to Score Maximum

Hello and welcome to exampundit .First and most important thing about preliminary exam is that you need to manage time. Each and every second of the 60 minutes period is precious. So you have to utilise it to score maximum with good accuracy.

In the reasoning part, you should first attempt the syllogisms, inequalities, blood relation, direction test, coding-decoding etc. Then at last you should target Puzzles. Start with the puzzle you are most comfortable with. Even if you don't know puzzle that much, go for the one which is easier than others to you.

Similarly, in quantitative aptitude, Simplifications, series, DI should be attempted at first without wasting any time. On the other hand, the miscellaneous questions from quantitative aptitude should be left for the last.

In English, your first priority should be vocabulary, cloze test, fillers and errors. The comprehension and sentence rearrangement should be left for last.

The overall attempt strategy should be in two part. One, you should start with your favorite subject then move on to other ones. The first round will be completed 40-45 minutes maximum and then last 15-20 minutes you should be attempting whatever you are comfortable with.

This is how, you can easily attempt 60-65 with good accuracy.

Lets look into the strategy in short:

You should attempt 60 with good accuracy to be on the safer side.

Above strategy has special input from our very own, Ketan.

All the best!


Team ExamPundit