How to Improve English Language - Fast & Easy Ways - Chapterwise Articles Given

Hello and welcome to exampundit . Everyone asks us How to Improve English Language for IBPS and Bank Exam Preparations? We have previously rolled out "Topicwise" articles on How to Solve them. Now we are providing One Single Article which will give you the basic insights on the preparation plan and then we have given the chapterwise links below to prepare minutely.

1. Develop interest

The very first thing you can do about improving your English prowess is developing interest. It is a language you will need throughout your career, throughout your life. So the growing interest is the most important thing one can do.

Nobody excels in anything in a single day. It requires a lot of effort to excel and get your desired result. This is why developing interest is very crucial as it keeps you motivated to learn more.

2. Read

A lot of reading is needed in English Language. Because it helps you to improve concentration, learn new words, new way of writing sentences and obviously it gradually increases your overall performance.

3. Increase vocabulary and learn grammar

Vocabulary is one of the key components of English. There are thousands of words we do not know. The more you will learn new words, the more you will understand the use of them, the meaning of the words and obviously will increase your stock of words.


4. Fix the weak areas

Most of us are good in at least one of the chapters in English Language. Some are good in reading comprehension, some are good in cloze test or fillers. But, that really does not help us overall. So, it is important for you to find out the problematic areas. The areas which trouble you the most in the exam hall.
List them down and then make sure you fix the problems one by one. Don’t try to learn all at once, as it will never help you to learn everything completely.

5. Practice

Practice makes us perfect. Practice is the only thing which will help you to retain what you have learnt so far. It is not possible for us to memorize all the words, all the grammar rules, which is why you should always use them in conversations, writing articles. This will help you in long term. The whole process is not difficult, it needs a little effort, a little interest and a motivated mind.

Here is the list of Ways to Learn English – Topicwise:

  1. To Improve VOCABULARY - Click Here
  2. To Improve ERROR CORRECTION - Click Here
  3. To Improve Cloze Test - Click Here
  4. To Improve READING COMPREHENSION - Click Here
  5. To Improve Grammar - Click Here

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