Friday, November 18, 2016

General Awareness Checklist for IBPS PO VI Mains

Hello and welcome to exampundit . So here is the General Awareness Checklist for the upcoming IBPS PO VI Mains Exam which will be held on 20th November, 2016. The list contains important topics which will help you analyse your preparation.

Financial Current Affairs from September to November, 10
New tie ups/MoUs between India and other companies

Newly launched app/schemes/products/TECHNOLOGIES
Various Schemes launched by Indian States & Central, their Outlay(if any), timeline and launched by whom
Basic Banking Terms & Products
Amount of Various Acquisitions (eg. Essar Oil)
Recent Appointments from September to November, 10
Defence News & Satellite Launches during
Major Wildlife Sanctuaries, Parks and etc.
India’s Rank in Various Indexes & Reports
Palaces & Forts in India
State Capitals, Symbols, Major Rivers in the states
Important Days from August 26 to December 10
Books & Authors in recent times (Includes those books which received awards)
Sports News – Major Awards in Sports, Players Name and their field, Major Title Win
Various Acronyms in news during September to November 10 – Financial & Non-Financial both
Reports/Indexes/List released by Major Institutes i.e. IMF/World Bank/World Economic Forum and their HQs
Capitals & Currencies – Especially from the Countries in News
Newly appointed governors and government officials
Googling the common terms/schemes/institutes and check their news between September to November 10
Do you believe in yourself?(even if no one does)



  • 8 Mocks
  • Each having sectional times
  • Every question having explanation


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