BMBS PO 2016 GD-PI Experience

Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is the BMBS PO 2016 GD-PI Experience shared by our mentor Chitrarth.

Reporting tym 9 am lucknow
Gd topic     =social media boon or bane
1 min is given to each candidate to speak
Tip: not to go in detail in any point, just speak to the point and be clear.

5 member,  4male 2 female
Directly askd me u r frm a top school frm UP den why bank????  Dunno why dey said this
Next que, why u did btech if u had to opt banking career, why not bcom??
Den given me a general situation "if u r in bank, nd u have been given a work to open 1000 savings account in a week in a residential area near ur bank, den wat all u will do. Base on this they had asked me sm 5 6 que.
That's it.... :)
Atb every1,just be frank nd act wisely...


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