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My Story - Bahubali's strategy to Crack PO Exams

Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is the 2nd Part of Bahubali's story which includes his strategy.

As I promised, I’m posting my strategy.
As we know, nowadays, every exam (PO level) consists of three phases
1.  Prelims
2.  Mains
3.  Interview
In this article, I’ll cover prelims and mains. I’ll post a separate article for interview later. So, let’s start - 

Phase 1: Prelims
Aim: to filter capable students from crowd of 20-22 lakhs or to eliminate non-serious candidates
Pattern: whether it is of clerk or PO exam, prelims pattern is almost same. It consists of
No. of questions
Full marks

1.     As it is to eliminate non-serious candidates, the very 1st point is – no need to fear at all (provided you are a serious/genuine candidate).

2.     From starting itself, I’ve been continuously saying – Prelims is not to test your knowledge. It checks your time management, strategy, practice and above all, ability to perform well when time is running fast.

3.     After your call letter is out (generally, it happens 7-10 days before exam) and say you have your exam at 10AM. Give atleast 3-4 tests at 10AM itself so that your body-clock synchronizes at that time frame.

Benefit: you will start performing your optimum at that time and during exam, you will feel like you are giving the same test that you usually give at home.

4.     Sequence:
a.     In actual exam, start with the subject in which you are best. Move fast and filter out easy ones. Try to finish this section (only easy-moderate questions) in 15-18 minutes. If really it is your best subject then definitely, you would have attempted 22-25 questions easily.
Reason: attempting 22-25 questions in mere 15-18 minutes enhances your self confidence that yes, in just 25% of time, I’ve attempted almost 50% questions that is required to clear the cut-off. (Generally, cut-off lies between 40-50%)

b.     After that, come to the subject in which you are worst. Give sufficient time of 15-20 minutes in case of reasoning or maths and 10-15 minutes in case of English. Try to do 10-15 questions with optimum accuracy. Attempt less to minimize the chances of negative marking. Now question is – why worst section is at 2nd order? Why not at last?
Reason: because in last minutes, you are in hurry because you are running out of time. If you do your worst section at last, then because of nervousness of last minutes.

c.      So far you would have attempted approx. 40 questions in just 35 min. At last, do your average subject. Try to solve easy-moderate ones. You will be able to solve 15-20 questions in 15-20 min.

d.     You are now left with 5-10 min. Utilize it for solving series/puzzles/parajumbles or error findings depending on your personal choice which may vary from person to person.
So by this strategy, you can easily attempt atleast 55-60 question in 60 min (in PO exams) with good accuracy.

Phase 2: Mains
Aim: to check the real capability of student for the given post
Pattern: vary from exam to exam – better check exam notification
There is no need to mention that which section to attempt first or which to last or the sequence in which exam has to be attempted because now, you have pre fixed sequence and time limit. So, 1st problem has been solved already!! :P
1.    QUANT
a.     WEAPONS:

                                                             i.      It needs practice daily. If you’re a novice – start with any basic book like R S Aggrwal. Solve each and every question with full dedication. If you don’t able to solve, see solution and star mark (*) these questions for future (when you revise next time, solve only these star marked questions. It will save your time).

                                                           ii.      If you are already good in basics, skip R S Aggrawal. Try Quantum Cat by Sarvesh Kumar. Solve introductory exercise and level 1 first of following chapters:
v Alligations
v Ratio and proportion
v Percentages
v Profit, loss and discount
v CI/SI/Installments
v Time and work
v Permutation & combinations (only selected problems)
v probability

                                                        iii.      Now you are ready for competition. Practice online. Give mocks. Solve online quizzes provided by various sites. It will boost your confidence and improve your efficiency.
                                                         iv.      Don’t make your study room a library. Have only 2-3 good books (it may possible that you have no book on study table bcoz almost everything is available online – free of cost!! ) because more books means more distraction.

b.     TIPS:
                                                             i.      1st work on your basic calculation. For many people, Math is tough only because they don’t have proper command over calculations. They fear to do long or complex calculations.
v Reason:- if you are good in calculations, believe me, you will solve 4-5 more questions in Quant in same time.

v What to do:- learn tables atleast upto 20. Squares upto 50-60. And cubes upto 20-25. Do daily 100 problems of addition/subtraction/multiplication/division for 15 days and you are done with calculations problems forever. You may use table technique for the same.

                                                           ii.      Make DI your strong zone because if you are good in DI you can score 10 marks in DI easily. Better go through DA & DI by BSC publication. (It will also give you an edge in SBI PO where in quant, you have mainly Dis)

                                                        iii.      Nowadays, word problems are not that simple. They are quite long and complex. I am sorry to say if you just mug up formulae given in book(s), it will not work. So, focus on concept. Once you learn the concept, you can solve almost all question.

a.     WEAPONS:
                                                             i.      Any basic book which contains almost all topics like R S Aggarwal
                                                           ii.      A book on critical reasoning by M K Pandey – BSC publications
                                                        iii.      A magical book on puzzles, Again by BSC publications
                                                         iv.      “The Fighter’s puzzles” series (It was a fantastic series and I must say, it really helped me. Though I never posted my answers but solved almost every question. It must be started again!! )
                                                           v.      BSC monthly magazine (for practice sets – as it contains standard questions. Equally helpful for quants and English as well.)
b.     TIPS:
                                                             i.      Once you are done with basics, practice online. Give mocks. Solve online quizzes provided by various sites.

                                                           ii.      Try to solve 4-5 puzzles on daily basis. It will make you able to solve puzzles within 5 min.

                                                        iii.      Do practice well for critical reasoning as its weightage has been increasing continuously.

                                                         iv.      No need to say more – you all are good in reasoning!! I know J

3.     ENGLISH
a.     WEAPONS:
                                                             i.      Objective general English by S P Bakshi (extremely helpful in SSC also – a must have book)
                                                           ii.      Daily 1-2 editorials from the Hindu or any standard newspaper
                                                        iii.      Offline/online materials or practice sets – to practice daily

b.     TIPS:
                                                             i.      1st finish core basic rules of English grammar using the above mentioned book by S P Bakshi. It will hardly take 15-20 days.

                                                           ii.      Read 1-2 daily editorials daily. Try to read online. Try to understand the flow and relate it with the grammar rules you have studied in book. (I like to thank Fighter and Raven92 for giving me same advice. Thank you very much both of youJ ) Note down all important words in a separate notebook with its meaning and the sentence in which it appeared. It may take 1-2 hours daily for doing all these but, it is quite worthy.
v Reasons: reading daily English will improve your understanding skills. It will help you in solving comprehension part. Also, it will come handy while solving parajumbles and cloze test. Secondly, you are learning 10-20 new words daily. It will improve your overall vocabs and you will fetch 4-5 more marks. (now, pattern is changing. Earlier, words were given in passage and you have to find out its meaning. In SBI PO Mains, isolated words were given and we had to directly say its anto./syno.) So, by doing this. You are working for approx. 25-30 marks. Don’t you think the cost(daily 1-2 hour) benefit(25-30 marks out of 40) ratio is quite good!!

                                                        iii.      Practice daily. Don’t dare to miss even a single day. (if you miss for more than 5-7 days, you will have to start from scratch)

                                                         iv.      The most important thing in improving English is – to work on your mistakes. Until and unless you will not do the same, you are not going to improve!!

                                                           v.      After doing all these for 2 months, you will see a gradual improvement in your marks as well as you attitude towards English. (now, I’m taking interest in Hollywood movies and that too, without subtitles)

4.    GA/FA/CA
a.     WEAPONS:
                                                             i.      Daily current affairs
                                                           ii.      Various online quizzes sets
                                                        iii.      Expected questions – given by Exampundit before any exam

b.     TIPS:
                                                             i.      Note down daily current affairs. Use 2-3 sources as a single source is simply insufficient to handle the bombarding of IBPS!! Just read it before you note down CA of next day. Revise it on weekly basis – not more than that. (Prepare current affairs of atleast 3 months before exam).

                                                           ii.      Go through various schemes launched by central/state/organisations. You may expect 3-4 questions on the same. (Source: EP itself or you may google – there are various pdfs available)

                                                        iii.      Prepare static topics in advance.

                                                         iv.      Prepare banking and economy very well. (In SBI clerk mains, we have maximum questions from this part only!!)
v Banking – RBI FAQs or google search
v A very good pdf we have in EP. Use search box.

                                                           v.      Attempting online quizzes on daily basis is a must. It is available on various sites free of cost.

                                                         vi.      Make this part your strong zone. As in exam, Maths and reasoning questions may be twisted. But, this section remains the same, almost every time. If you score 30+/40, Your chances of selection becomes very high*.

Phase 3: Interview
Once written exam gets over, I’ll post separate strategy for interview.

Final tips:
1.     Life is yours. You have to decide what is good for you. A tips, which is useful for one peson, may be useless for others. So, choose wisely.

2.     Some things take time and so competitive exams. There are people who clear exams in 1st attempt and there are some who struggle years to clear a single exam. All these depend on person’s background, his approach towards exam and his strategy. So, don’t be nervous or dishearten if u fail. It may possible, something better is waiting for you. (I cried like hell on 1st April when failed in IBPS PO/CLERK. But, now thanking god for my rejection that time. Otherwise, I would have to pay huge bond amount :P )

3.     Planning is very important. If you plan well, execute well, definitely, you will perform well. So, accordingly and make your own strategy which suits you. Definitely you will come out with flying colours.

“Success is not final,
Failure is not fatal;
It is the courage to continue that counts.”
All these above mentioned Tips/strategy are my personal views. Don’t follow it blindly. Use your brain before executing it. I’ll not responsible for any loss that may occur.

 With regards,


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