SSC CGL 2016 - English Quiz on Tenses

Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is a set of English Quiz which is based on Tenses for upcoming SSC CGL 2016.

1.Sorry, you cannot borrow my pen . I _______ it myself.
a) Was using
b) Use
c) Am using
d) Using

2. I ___________ English for seven years now.
a) have been learning
b) was learning
c) am learning
d) learnt

3. Please be quiet! The child… …..
a) sleeps
b) slept
c) is sleeping
d) has slept

4. For dinner last night we …….. cheese and fruits.
a) Will have
b) Had
c) Are having
d) Have had

5. He often … to the theatre because he loves plays.
a) Is going
b) Goes
c) Go
d) Going

6. Two adults and 3 children  …….… in a fire last night.
a) Died
b) Will die
c) Are Dying
d) Have died

7. She’s shocked because she … a terrible accident.
a) Has seen
b) Saw
c) Did see
d) See

8.Why were you in such a hurry this evening? - I _______ a bath and hadn't noticed what time it was.
a) had been having
b) was having
c) was going to have
d) had

9. Speak up! I can’t hear you because your music system … too much noise.
a) Is making
b) Makes
c) Made
d) Had been making

10. You can keep my mp3 player if you like. I ………… it any more
a) Don’t use
b) Not use
c) Am not using
d) Did not use

11. By the time the guests arrive, I ________ (clean) the house.

a) Will have cleaned
b) Will be cleaning
c) Will clean
d) Have cleaned

12. Mr.Dixit is  planning to retire. He _____ at Bow Valley College for a long time
a) Worked
b) Woks
c) Has worked
d) Had worked

13. She doesn’t realize what kind of person he is, but she ________ (find out).
a) Will be finding out
b) Will find out
c) Has found out
d) Found out

14. Siddharth  told me that he had ________ all the work himself. (to do)
a) Done
b) Did
c) Has done
d) Done did

15. What time ________ supper?

a) Are you normally eating
b) Do you normally eat
c) Do you normally eating
d) Are you normally eat


Team ExamPundit