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Monday, August 22, 2016

Financial Current Affairs Quiz for RBI Grade B & BMSB PO 2016 - August - Set 4

Hello and welcome to exampunditHere is the fourth set of Financial Current Affairs Questions for the upcoming BMSB PO and RBI Grade B 2016. These are based on the Current Affairs from August 13 to 19, 2016 . The topics include, news related to finance, industry, MoU, investments, reports related to economy and all the financial awareness.

1. India’s first bio-CNG plant was recently inaugurated in Pune by __________________.
1) Union Minister of Transport Nitin Gadkari
2) Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar
3) Prime Minister Narendra Modi
4) Both 1 and 3  
5) Both 1 and 2

2. Indian Railways recently signed an MoU for the development of India’s first multi-modal transportation hub (MMTH) at Surat railway station with Gujarat State government. What is the project outlay of this MoU?
1) 2000 crore rupees
2) 5000 crore rupees
3) 3000 crore rupees
4) 5500 crore rupees
5) 4000 crore rupees

3. What was India’s rank in the recently released Global Innovation Index 2016?
1) 68th
2) 63rd
3) 66th
4) 69th
5) 67th

4. How much amount of additional penalty did Union Government impose on Reliance Industries Limited?
1) $360 million
2) $380 million
3) $400 million
4) $480 million
5) $350 million

5. SBI board in the third week of August, 2016, approved share swap ratio for merger with associate banks. Which of the following statement describes Share Swap Ratio perfectly?
1) When a company offers a new share for the merging company(s).
2) When a company offers own share with every share from the merging company(s).
3) When a company offers own share in exchange for the target company’s share during merging.
4) When a company offers shares for the merging company(s) at the lowest value.
5) When a company offers shares for the merging company(s) at the highest value.


6. Which of the following banks recently launched USSD based *99# Mobile Application for basic banking needs?
1) United Bank of India
2) Union Bank of India
3) Bank of Baroda
4) Axis Bank
5) Canara Bank

7. Which of the following companies will issue the newly launched Nuclear Suppliers’ Insurance Policies?
1) United India Insurance Company
2) New India Assurance Company
3) National Insurance Company
4) Oriental Insurance Company
5) General Insurance Company of India

8. Indian Oil Corporation and the Roads and Highways Department of People's Republic of Bangladesh signed a MoU to send IOC trucks from _________ to _________ via Bangladesh.
1) Assam & Tripura
2) Meghalaya & Tripura
3) Meghalaya & Assam
4) West Bengal & Tripura
5) Meghalaya & West Bengal

9. With which of the following companies did BSNL recently sign an MoU to offer telecom & IT solutions for big businesses?
1) Facebook
2) Microsoft
3) Google
4) Intel
5) Infosys

10. Which of the following Indian companies ranked 46th in the Fortune 2016 'Change the World' list?
1) Cipla
2) Godrej
3) Reliance
4) Tata Motors
5) Tech Mahindra


Team ExamPundit

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