Abhinav's Reasoning Challenges for Bank PO Exams 2016 - 19 August, 2016

Hello and welcome to exampundit . So here is the Abhinav's Reasoning Challenges for Bank PO Exams 2016.

The rules are same as the fighter's puzzle challenges(which is coming back soon).

Abhinav will conduct and help everyone along with the fighter and Chitrarth who will monitor/feature/delete any other comments.

Directions (Questions.01-02): In this question is given a statement followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted. You have to consider the statement and the following assumption and decide which of those is/are implicit in the person’s statement.

1) Statement: Send Employee XYZ for training in UK to gain more insight into the project which he is handling at present.
     I. Some similar training programmes are available in the employee’s own country as well.
     II. With the present skill sets, Employee XYZ is incapable of handling the project.

a)    Bothe I and II are implicit
b)    Only II is implicit
c)    Either I or II is implicit
d)    Only I is implicit
e)    Neither I nor II is implicit

2) Statement: Minute traces of nitrate sometimes present in cattle fodder B may be responsible for the poor health of the cattle; therefore use fodder G to ensure that your cattle remain healthy.
     I. Cattle fodder G does not contain nitrate.
     II. Nitrate is toxic to all living beings.

a)    Only I is Implicit
b)    Neither I nor II is implicit
c)    Both I and II are implicit
d)    Only II is implicit
e)    Either I or II is implicit

Directions (Questions.03-05): Study the following information and answer the given questions.

M is the mother of B. A is the husband of M. N is the only brother of B. C is married to B. Q is the only child of C. N does not have any sister. J is the father of A.

3) If A does not have any grandson, then how is Q related to B?
a)    Nephew
b)    Cannot be determined
c)    Sister-in-law
d)    Niece
e)    Daughter-in-law

4) How is A related to C?
a)    Brother-in-law
b)    Uncle
c)    Father-in-law
d)    Nephew
e)    Cannot be determined

5) How is B related to J?
a)    Brother
b)    Father
c)    Nephew
d)    Brother-in-law
e)    Grandson


6) Rishu stated walking towards East from a point ‘X’, walked 250 meters and reached the point ‘P’. Again, he turned towards South. Walked 50 meters and reached point Q. Again, he turned towards East, walked 250 meters and reached point ‘R’. He again turned south, walked 50 meters and reached point ‘S’. What is the shortest distance between X and S?
a)    509.9metres
b)    590.9metres
c)    1100metres
d)    561.2metres
e)    None of these

7) Abhay gave an application for a new ration card to the clerk on Monday afternoon. Next day was a holiday. So the clerk cleared the papers on the next working day on resumption of duty. The senior clerk checked it on the same day but forwarded it to the head clerk on next day. The head clerk decided to dispose the case on the subsequent day. On which of the following days was the case put up to the head clerk by the senior clerk?
a)    Saturday
b)    Thursday
c)    Wednesday
d)    Friday
e)    None of these

8) In a certain code language the word ATMOSPHERE is written as BSLPROGFQF.How will the word NEIGHBOURS be written in that language?
e)    None of these

9)In a certain code,764 means ‘you are tall’, 648 means ‘are you sick’, and 148 means ‘they are sick’. Then which of the following will certainly not be the code for ‘tall persons are sick?
a)    7148
b)    7248
c)    7348
d)    7548
e)    7048

10) Pointing to a lady a man said, her mother’s husband’s sister in my aunt. How is the lady related to the man?
a)    Daughter
b)    Sister
c)    Mother
d)    Granddaughter
e)    Aunt


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