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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

The Fighter's Puzzle Test for Bank PO - July 5, 2016

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here are the puzzle for today of "the fighter's Puzzle Test for Bank PO".

The answers will be discussed by the aspirants at the end of the day.

The fighter, Chitrarth are in-charge of this segment.

Puzzle 1:
Anjali. Bhanu, Deepak, Kritika and Manisha are studying in five different Business Schools. Each of them is going to a different city by Duronto Express to participate in five different competitions. In the train. food is served. The person who takes vegetarian food is the person participating in quiz. All the other four persons have non vegetarian food. — he four persons who had non vegetarian food were - Anjali. the person studying in 1 1 M. the person who was going to Pune and the person who was going to participate in B plan competition. Kritika did not have vegetarian food and she had to go to Mumbai. Kritika was not studying in IIM. Bhanu was going to Ahmedabad. He did not have vegetarian food. Manisha was not participating in Debate, Paper presentation or Ad-Mad competition. But the person who was travelling to Bangalore was participating in Debate competition and the person studying in FMS was going to participate in Ad-Mad competition. Kritika was not studying in XLRI. “he person studying in XLRI had non vegetarian food. The person studying in 1 1 FT was not travelling to Delhi. One of the students was from MDI.

Puzzle 2:
There are six Engineers. Namit. Manish. Roshan. Riya. Pankit and Punit from six different companies: Wipro, Infosys. Google, IBM. Forex and Grant Thornton were going to attend a seminar in Delhi. On their way. they met with an accident and were admitted in three different hospitals. At least, two Engineers' were admitted in the same hospitals. Each of them is a specialist in different fields Civil, Chemical. Geotechnical. Aeronautic s, Computer Science and Mechanical. Namit was admitted in Fortis hospital and he is from Infosys but he is neither Chemical nor Geotechnical Engineer. Pankhis from Wipro and he is a Mechanical engineer. He was not admitted with Roshan. Riya was admitted with the engineer from IBM. One of the engineers who were admitted in Max Healthcare hospital is a Chemical engineer. Manish is not from Google and Grant Thornton and he is an Aeronautics Engineer. One of the engineers who were admitted in Saket City hospital is a Computer Science engineer. Pumhis neither from Forex nor from Grant Thornton. Geotechnical engineer and Mechanical engineer were not admitted in Fortis hospital. Engineers from Wipro and Google were admitted together. The Aeronautic s engineer was admitted in Fortis hospital. The engineer whose field is Mechanical was admitted at Max Healthcare hospital.


Puzzle 3:
Six friends Aryan, Rahul. Mayank. Harman, Paritosh and Mandeep married in different hotels viz.. Trident Hotels. Oberoi Hotel, Ashoka Hotel. Taj Hotel. Le Meridian and ITC Maurya and all the grooms gifted different cars to their respective brides viz. Duster. Fortuner. Swift. i20. Wagon R and i10, but not necessarily in the same order. The brides' names were Simran. Harpreef. Vrinda, Friyanka, Gunjan and Aishwarya, once again not following any order. The following are some facts about their weddings.
I. Mayank gifted His wife Swift on their wedding, however he was not married to Simran or Aishwarya.
II. Aryan gifted his wife Duster and Paritosh gifted i20 to his wife. However neither of them was married to Harpreet or Priyanka.
III. The bride who was gifted i10 got married in Trident Hotels.
IV. Vrinda's wedding took place in Oberoi Hotel, but she was not gifted Duster.
V. Simran and Gunjan got married in Trident Hotels and Le Meridian and own Swift and i10 but not necessarily following the above mentioned order.
VI. Harman did not gift Fortuner or i10 to his wife and was married in ITC Maurya.
vii. Mandeep was married to Harpreet in Taj Hotel.

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