The Fighter's Puzzle Test for Bank PO - July 20, 2016

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here are the puzzle for today of "the fighter's Puzzle Test for Bank PO".

The answers will be discussed by the aspirants at the end of the day.

The fighter, Chitrarth are in-charge of this segment.

Puzzle 1:
Seven persons— Z, Y, X, W V I and P are from different cities such as— Pune Kolkata, Mumbai, Lucknow, Delhi, Aligarh and Chennai (but not in the same order). Each of them belongs to three different hotels Nanda, Deep, Gagan, At least two persons are belong to the same hotel, W is from Mumbai city and belongs to hotel Nanda. V is from Lucknow city but does not belong to hotel Nanda. I is from Delhi city and belongs to hotel Deep with only Y. Z is neither from Kolkata city and nor belongs to hotel Nanda. P is from Aligarh city but does not belong to hotel Nanda. The persons who are from Pune and Kolkata cities, do not belong to hotel Nanda,

Puzzle 2:
Komal, Latika, Meetu, Praveen, Anup; Ritu, Shikha and Tripti are sitting around a square table in such a way that four of them sit at four comers of the square while four sit in the middle of each of the four sides. Those who sit at the four comers faces outside while those who sit in the middle of the sides face the centre of the table. Praveen sits third to the right of Shikha. Shikha faces the centre. Anup sits third to the left of Meetu. Meetu does not sit in the middle of the sides. Only one person sits between Anup and Ritu. Ritu is not an immediate neighbour of Meetu. Tripti faces the centre. Komal is not an immediate neighbour of Ritu.


Puzzle 3:
Seven girls Z, Y, X, W, V,U and T are sitting around a circular table and facing towards the centre. Each of them likes different languages i.e. French, Arabian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German and Japanese but not necessarily in the same order. The one who likes Italian language sits second to the left of Y who is immediate to the left of V. Neither T nor W likes Italian language. Only one girt sits between U and the one who likes Spanish language. The one who likes Spanish language, is not an immediate neighbour of X. Y is immediate to the right of that girl who likes French language. Z does not like French language. Only one girl sits between U and V. X likes German language. Only two girls sit between X and the one who likes Chinese language. U likes Japanese language and is not the neighbour of T.


Team ExamPundit